Where Do You Put Fabric Softener In A Top Loader?

Where Do You Put Fabric Softener In A Top Loader
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Washing clothes is part of a person’s daily chores. But while using a washing machine, the top loader has a dispenser (usually on the centre column in the drum).

But one has to know where to put fabric softener in a top loader. Drop the suggested amount of fabric softener while you pour it, or place your laundry detergent on the drum and wash as you usually would.

Where Is The Top Loader?

While using a washing machine, it is easy to recognise a top loader. 

There are two gateways to load your unwashed clothes into the washing machine. They are – 

Front Loader

This is a vertical door attached to the front side of a washing machine. 

Top Loader

It is a horizontal door attached to the top of a washing machine.

These two types are commonly used as washing machine loaders. Based on the company, they used different types of loaders as their design recommendation. 

Did The Loader Make Any Difference?

Yes. This loader has other ways to wash clothes. In the front loader, after loading the clothes and pouring the recommended amount of detergent, you have to close the lid, and it will wash the clothes in an up-and-down motion similar to hand washing.

But in the top loader, the cycle runs into a circular motion, which helps to twist and swirl clothing to remove dirt and stains. 

Because of the washing motion difference, they have some significant differences. Like- 

  • Washing method difference,
  • Difference between pouring detergent and softeners,
  • Loading amount difference,

From the market analysis, the top loader is the most demanding product. 

Last year the washing machine sales were nearly 170 million(an assumption on total year sales).

Here is a list of them- 

Company NameProduct Name
Whirlpool Corporation3.9 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with Soaking Cycles, 12 Cycles
Panasonic CorporationPanasonic NA-S085M2W01
Haier Group CorporationHaier 7kg Top Load Automatic Washing Machine
GE AppliancesGE Profile™ 5.3 cu. ft. Capacity Washer with Smarter Wash Technology and FlexDispense™

What Is A Fabric Softener?

A fabric softener is a modifier precisely applied to cloth during the washing cycle in a washer to reduce the roughness of clothing items that dry up in the air after washing. It is a form of after-treatment after washing the cloth. Again, a fabric softener is also known as a fabric conditioner. 

The Chemical Which Is Generally Used

Cotton softeners are generally based on water mixed with soap, olive oil, corn oil, or tallow oil. They are softening compounds with a variety of fabrics and scents. 

Some work better on cellulose-based fibers (i.e. cotton), while others have higher relation with hydrophobic materials. For example, nylon, polyethylene terephthalate, polyacrylonitrile, etc. New silicone-based compounds, such as polydimethylsiloxane, work by oiling the fibers. As softeners are often hydrophobic, they commonly occur in the form of a mixture. 

Fabric Softener In Aop Loader

In the early formulations, manufacturers used soap as a solution. The combinations usually need to be clarified with milky fluids. Standard softeners include 4–6% active material and are partially replaced by softener focus having 12–30 % active material.

Why Have You Used One?

Just using detergent is ok for a cloth. But using a fabric softener can enhance the cloth’s quality, making your material look shinier and make the fabric comfortable. Clothes are fabricated with thousands of fibers that can get damaged while washing clothes. 

A Fabric softener helps to protect our clothes from being clumsy or faded. Unlike detergent, fabric softeners strengthen the fibers against damage in the washer. It cures the clothes to maintain their shape and colour.

Moreover, it generates a soft, fresh fragrance. It is a form of shield that will help to increase the shelf life of your clothing. But knowing when to add fabric softener top loader is essential for the perfect result.  

Difference Between The Pouring Method To  A Top Loader

Fabric softener is easy to use, but if the measurement goes up or down, it can make your cloth faded or useless. For that, knowing the correct time to pour softener and also the right place to pour it down is essential to know. 

In the market, there are three types of fabric softeners. They are- 

Liquid form

You Can find this in a regular grocery shop, and it comes in the form of a bottle,


Which looks like a piece of paper, mainly used the travel time,

Dry ball

A drier ball is a unique concept. It comes in the form of  a ball. Which is also a reusable product. 

There are some rules to using a fabric softener while using a top loader-

  • The softener is not allowed to touch the cloths directly,
  • Pour in the right place,
  • Have to pour the right amount,
  • Never put detergent and softener together,
  • Use the softener at the last washing cycle.

Usually, a top loader washing machine contains a container where you can put the softener. The water will go through the container, mix with the clothes, and do its work. 

But while using a sheet and the ball-shaped softener, you can just throw them away and wait until the washing is done. 

The liquid softener is the better option to produce relevant results and bring life to your clothing. It also depends on where to put fabric softener in top load washer.


Q 1: Can You Put Fabric Softener In A Top Loader?

Ans 1: Yes, you can. But there is a condition that there has to be a container to mix them up with water.

Q 2: Is A Top Loader A Better Option For Washing Clothes?

Ans 2: Yes, it is. People are switching to top loaders to have a  better washing experience than front loaders. 

Q 3: Is Using A Fabric Softener Necessary?

Ans 3: No, using a fabric softener is not a necessary step. But by using one, you can have a better clothing experience.

Last But Not Least

Clothes are part and parcel of a human being’s life. There are some rules that a person should maintain using an item of clothing. Washing is an essential part of using a clothing item. Not just using detergent is the way to wash your clothes. But a fabric softener will make it easy to make your clothes wearable and shine more. But for that, you should know the rule of where do you put fabric softener in a top loader. 

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