When Do You Add Fabric Softener In The Washer?

When Do You Add Fabric Softener In The Washer
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You regularly wash your clothes though you have recently seen a new product, a fabric softener. It helps to soften your clothing item. But as a beginner, you can make mistakes in using the pattern.

But you should know about when do you add fabric softener in the washer?. Usually, people use a softener around the final wash cycle when the tank is full of water. But never add softener during any wash cycle.

What Is A Fabric Softener?

A fabric softener is a modifier precisely applied to cloth during the washing cycle in a washer to reduce the roughness of clothing items that dry up in the air after washing. It is a form of after-treatment after washing the cloth. A fabric softener is also known as a fabric conditioner. 

Why Will You Use A Fabric Softener?

When you wash your clothes in a washer and dry them up, it makes your clothes a lot clumsy. After ironing the laundry, you can feel a roughness that will gradually increase daily.

Clothes are made with thousands of fibres that can get damaged while washing clothes. A Fabric softener helps to protect our clothes from being clumsy or faded. Unlike detergent, fabric softeners strengthen the fibres against the damage in the washer. 

It cures the clothes to maintain their shape and colour. Moreover, it generates a soft, fresh fragrance. It is a form of shield that will help to increase the shelf life of your clothing. It is also important to know when do you add fabric softener in the washer? for the perfect result.   

Types Of Fabric Softener

There are mainly three types of fabric softeners.

  • Liquid, 
  • Dryer sheets,
  • Dryer balls.

Let’s start with the liquid softeners. Liquid fabric softeners are not formulated with a detergent that is effective for removing odour and softening clothes. It makes clothes look new and feel comfortable on the skin.

But there is a problem with liquid softeners. People may use more chemicals than other softeners, which are harmful to the skin. It is also more expensive compared with other softeners. 

Another type of softener that you will find is dryer sheets. They are lightweight, so you can carry them while travelling. But there is a negative side to using one of these. their flimsy coating can leave a mark on your washer. Sometimes it can clog the filter. 

Also can leave lint on your clothing.

And now the last type is the dryer balls. Those are less expensive and eco-friendly. They are typically made with wool and can be used for a long time. But for reuse ability, it loses the ability to make the cloth fresh and clumsy.

Some people also use homemade fabric softeners to freshen up their clothes. 

The Chemical Which Is Generally Used

Cotton softeners were generally based on water mixed with soap, olive oil, corn oil, or tallow oil. Softening compounds with a variety of fabrics and scents. Some softeners work better on cellulose-based fibres (i.e. cotton). Others have higher reactions with hydrophobic materials. 

For example, nylon, polyethylene terephthalate, polyacrylonitrile, etc. New silicone-based compounds, such as polydimethylsiloxane, work by oiling the fibres.

Fabric Softener In The Washer

As softeners are often hydrophobic, they commonly occur in the form of a mixture. In the early formulations, manufacturers used soap as a solution. The mixtures are usually unclear milky fluids.

Standard softeners, which include 4–6% active material, are partially replaced by softener focus having 12–30 % active material.

Diagram Of Using Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is an easy way to use though there are some restrictions about when to add fabric softener while washing clothes. 

We all have ideas about two types of washing. One is a hand-washing system, where you wash your clothes with your hands. The second way is to wash clothes in a machine, where you use a washing machine to wash your clothes. There is an individual system to use a fabric softener for both washing types. 

How to use fabric softener while hand washing: While hand washing clothes, you have to be sure you have completed the full washing and ready the clothes to dry up.

At the last rinsing, you have to mix fabric softener with water. After making the solution, you just have to rinse your clothing inside the solution. Now you can dry up your clothes, and it’s ready as new clothes.    

When To Add Fabric Softener To The Washing Machine

The general way to add fabric softener to the washing machine is to add it at the last rinse cycle. For that, the tub has to be full of water.

One more thing you have to focus on is that the fabric softener should not get direct contact with clothes. There should be a separate loader to pour the solution. It depends on which kind of washer you are using. 

Some basic points while pouring fabric softener:

  • Where to pour fabric softener,
  • Take a good look at the label to ensure how much to pour (it mainly depends on the size of a tub and also on the weight of clothes you drop in the machine),
  • Use the measuring cup to pour the right amount,
  • Don’t use fabric softener directly over the clothes, 
  • Check the cloth label to ensure, is it ok to use softener on that item. 

The Basic Amount List To Pour Fabric Softener

System Of Washing Amount To Pour
Hand washOne and a half spoon 
Washing MachineOne and two tablespoons per load


A fabric softener is available in every local grocery store. Some profound brands provide their service to a large number of customers. Some known brands are-

  • Bounce Dryer Sheets
  • Downy Ultra Infusions Liquid Fabric Softener
  • Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets
  • Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener,
  • Smart Sheep 100% Wool Dryer Balls

The price range starts around 8$-9$ and goes up-skill to here.


Did All Washers Have The Same System To Use A Fabric Softener?

No. Every company has its own rules. They have a different way to use the  dispenser, where you can pour a fabric softener.

Is It Necessary To Use A  Fabric Softener?

No, it is a type of extra layer of protection to prevent your clothes from some damage. But it is not necessary to use one. 

Is The Timing Of The Pour Necessary To Maintain?

Yes, You must pour a fabric softener at the last rinse without connecting the clothes. Because if you pour it early in the water, the water will wash away the effect of the softener.

Is It Okay To Use A Fabric Softener On Every Cloth?

No, Every clothes comes with their individual tag or label. Before washing a cloth, you should check the label to ensure that is it ok to use a fabric softener on them. 

Last But Not Least

Every person loves to wear a clean piece of cloth, so you should know about the procedure of cleaning cloth properly. In the end, now you know how to use a  fabric softener.

No matter which brand or fabric softener you choose, wash your clothes. You can figure it out quickly and experience a fresh and soft piece of clothing.

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