Is Final Touch Fabric Softener Discontinued?

Is Final Touch Fabric Softener Discontinued
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Final Touch fabric softener was a popular fabric softener on the market. It was popular because of its deep cleaning, making the fabric soft and removing dust or stain. But, they have some disadvantages, and finally, the manufacturer discontinued the fabric softener.

Undoubtedly, the final touch fabric softener was an awesome choice to make the fabric soft and produce a good smell. However, let’s discuss in detail about this matter to make a clear concept.

What Is Final Touch Fabric Softener?

Final Touch is a brand that produces fabric softeners to soften the fabric and deeply clean your clothes. The laundry persons are used for cleaning the fabric deeply. Moreover, this fabric softener can remove rust, stain, and hard color.

Furthermore, Final Touch always comes with a good smell. Your cloth comes with a good smell until you wash the fabric. On the contrary, the fabric softener is specially designed to fight wrinkles. Like other fabric softeners, you will also get many advantages from this fabric softener.

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Is Final Touch Fabric Softener Discontinued?

The answer is yes. The Final Touch fabric softener was discontinued by the manufacturer on 10/06/2018. After 2018, the Final Touch Fabric softener was out of stock on the market (both online and offline).

Undoubtedly, the fabric softener provides solid performance, but now it is unavailable on the market. It would help if you chose the alternative fabric softener to get better performance.

Why was Final Touch fabric softener discontinued? The users stopped using the Final Touch fabric softener because they thought it could not pour on the fabric directly.

Final Touch Fabric Softener bottle – 1984 | Vintage laundry, Final touch fabric softener, Vintage packaging

Moreover, users now get better fabric softeners like Persil to use and get better performance than Final Touch. There are other reasons for the manufacturer to discontinue the Final Touch fabric softener.

Final Touch Fabric Softener Pros and Cons

Though the manufacturer discontinued the Final Touch fabric softener in 2018, this fabric softener also comes with many advantages and disadvantages.

If you are interested in this fabric softener’s advantages and disadvantages, you can check out the following list.


  • Final Touch fabric softener is ready to remove hard dust, stain, or rust
  • Produces a good smell for a long-time
  • Easy to use and inexpensive to buy
  • Users can use the fabric softener with the washing machine without getting any bugs
  • Of course, the Final Touch fabric softener doesn’t harm your clothes


  • It is unable to pour on the fabric directly
  • Sometimes the fabric softener takes time to melt on the washing machine

These are the core advantages and disadvantages of the Final Touch fabric softener. But, now, it is unavailable to buy from the market. You can choose Persil fabric softener as an alternative to Final Touch fabric softener.

Final Touch Fabric Softener Alternative Products

If you are searching the alternative products of Final Touch fabric softener, this section is one of the best resources for you. Final Touch is a fabric softener, which means you will get 6 different fabric softeners to use as an alternative to Final Touch fabric softener.

  • Vinegar and baking soda
  • Essential oil
  • Persil fabric softener
  • Seventh Generation fabric softener
  • Snuggle SuperCare liquid fabric softener
  • Gain Odor fabric softener

These 6 fabric softeners are truly far better for cleaning the fabric and also removing hard things. They also come with fabric fragrance elements that produce a good smell.


Is Final Touch fabric softener detergent?

The straightforward answer is yes. Final Touch fabric softener is a type of detergent. Generally, this fabric softener was ready to clean the fabric and also remove the hard color from the fabric. Like, detergent, you can also use this fabric softener on your washing machine dispenser.

In addition, you can use Final Touch fabric softener for all of the detergent working areas. Undoubtedly, you can hassle-free use this fabric softener as a detergent. There have nothing changed between Final Touch and Detergent?

What is a safer alternative to fabric softener?

If you want to avoid chemicals and want to make your fabric soft, you can use baking soda and vinegar. These two elements are truly natural to use. On the other hand, you can use Persil as an alternative to fabric softener.

Who Makes Final Touch Fabric Softener?

Final Touch is a fabric softener used in the laundry industry and is part of the Fab KIND family. Final Touch manufacturer made this fabric softener and discontinued it in 2018.

The manufacturer of Final Touch fabric is designed to clean fabrics or clothes, stains, hard colors, and so many things. It is a fabric conditioner like other kinds of fabric conditioners.

Where Can I Buy Final Touch Fabric Softener?

Recently the Final Touch fabric softener has been unavailable on the market, and you can’t buy this fabric softener from anywhere. The manufacturer of this brand discontinued manufacturing the fabric softener in 2018.

Before 2018, users could purchase this fabric softener from online and offline shops. The users bought this fabric softener to clean their clothes and remove rust. But it is true that you can’t find this fabric softener anywhere.

Final Words

Do you still need clarification about the Final Touch fabric softener? The above section clears your confusion, and you are searching for an alternative.

You won’t buy Final Touch fabric softener on the market because of discontinued by the manufacturer. So try to choose the best final Touch fabric softener alternative to clean your cloth.

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