Is Cloralen Bleach the Same as Regular Bleach?

Is Cloralen Bleach the Same as Regular Bleach
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Cloralen bleach is one of the most common bleaches on the market. You will use this bleach for laundry and clean hard elements from fabric. On the other hand, regular bleach is also widely used in household, cleaning, and laundry sections.

Is Cloralen Bleach the Same as Regular Bleach?

The answer is no. Regular bleach is also known as Clorox bleach. Though their goals are similar to clean fabric, household elements, and kitchen appliances, they have some core differences.

Which one is suitable for cleaning and capable of providing more cleaning performance? I know you have plenty of questions in your mind. Keep reading to get all of the questions answered and further information.

What is Cloralen?

Typically, Cloralen is a mixture of different chemicals. The major ingredient of this bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite. This element is mostly known as bleach. Besides this powerful element, you will also discover Sodium Hydroxide and Dimethyl Cocamine in Cloralen bleach.

Where can you use Cloralen? You can widely use this bleach. For example, bleach is suitable for laundry cleaning, disinfectants, deodorizers, and whitening agents. Bleach is also the best solution for bathrooms, kitchens, and clogged cleaning areas.

What is Clorox bleach (Regular Bleach)?

Like Cloralen, Clorox is also designed as a cleaning solution. However, this bleach is made of Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate, and Sodium Polyacrylate. These ingredients make the bleach powerful in cleaning harder stains from fabric.

Besides using the bleach in laundry, you will also apply the bleach on kitchen appliances, deodorize, and so on. Like the above bleach, this one is also powerful, and you can apply it to remove the clog, stains, and other problems.

Cloralen Bleach vs Clorox Bleach (Regular Bleach): A Simple Comparison Chart

Cloralen and Clorox come from the same brand name, chlorine bleach. Though their origin is the same, the following chart shows you some basic comparisons so that you can choose the right bleach for your work.

 Cloralen BleachClorox Bleach
UsesKitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, personal care, removing rust, stain, etc.Suitable for cleaning bathroom, kitchen appliances, laundry, carpets, fabric, pools, spa, and so on
IngredientsSodium Hydroxide and Dimethyl CocamineSodium chloride, Sodium Carbonate, and Sodium Polyacrylate
Harmful ImpactsHarmful for animals and humanIt is more safe and sustainable
Types and FormsLiquid and GelBoth gel and Liquid form

What is the Difference Between Regular Bleach and Cloralen bleach?


Regular bleach and Cloralen bleach have similar purposes, but their ingredients, formula, and other things are different. Here, the comparison helps you to make a proper difference between these two bleaches.

Laundry Purposes

According to my experience, Clorox is more suitable for white fabric. The amount of Sodium Hydroxide provides more safety and deep cleaning performance. On the other hand, Clorox doesn’t come with anti-fabric chemicals, so you can safely use this bleach on your laundry.

Similarly, Cloralen Bleach comes with powerful elements which also ready to clean the fabric. Moreover, you should be careful when you are going to use this element because of damaging the fabric.

Furthermore, if the fabric’s stains come deep, you should use Cloralen bleach to remove them. Note Clorox is also far better for removing stains from your fabric.

Secondary Ingredients

Though their work differs, you will discover some differences based on ingredients. However, Cloralen Bleach uses Sodium Hydroxide, and Clorox bleach uses Sodium Hypochlorite.

These different ingredients make them core different from using for different purposes.

More Useful for Deodorizing and Disinfecting

Both of these bleaches are suitable for deodorizing and disinfecting. Especially, Clorox is designed to kill some viruses and germs.

On the other hand, Cloralen can kill all common germs and viruses. If you want to use bleach for COVID-19, you will use Clorox bleach without thinking anymore.

Price Difference

Of course, the price is different of these bleaches is. On average, Cloralen is cheaper than Clorox bleach. You will purchase these bleaches on the market (both online and offline shop).

Harmful Impact

Both of the bleaches come with Sodium Hypochlorite and some other ingredients. These bleaches are not suitable for animals and humans because of toxic elements.

Cloralen is not safe, and you have to wear protective elements when you are using this bleach. On the other hand, Clorox is safer than Cloralen bleach.

Which One Should You Use Cloralen Bleach or Clorox Bleach?

Cloralen and Clorox are two different bleach; of course, you should choose the right one from the bleach. So, which bleach is suitable for you? Let’s find out.

You Should Use Cloralen Bleach for:

  • Cleaning and mopping surfaces
  • Deep cleaning
  • Removing tough odors
  • Removing grease
  • Whitening Laundries
  • Disinfecting
  • Killing Germs
  • Removing Stains and spots

You Should Use Clorox for:

  • Washing Laundries
  • Cleaning bed sheets
  • Cleaning and removing mold and mildews
  • Personal care
  • Sanitizing plastic materials

Does CLORALEN Bleach Have Chlorine?

CLORALEN Bleach Have Chlorine

Cloralen bleach doesn’t come with Chlorine. Generally, Cloralen is made of Sodium Hydroxide and Dimethyl Cocamine. These two ingredients made the bleach powerful and suitable for using kitchen appliances, bathroom cleaning, and other areas.

How to Use Cloralen Bleach?

To use Cloralen bleach in laundry, you must apply the perfect amount of bleach with water. First of all, try to find out which problems of your laundry have. Because this bleach is much more powerful, you should not use it for normal cleaning areas.

However, your washing machine comes with a bleach dispenser which you can use for using this bleach. You need to pour the bleach and start the washing machine to work. Try to apply the bleach at the right time; otherwise, your fabric has a bleach smell.

Cloralen Bleach for laundry

Cloralen is one of the best selections for laundry. It comes with Sodium hypochlorite, which is ready to clean the fabric in your laundry deeply. On the other hand, most washing machines have bleach dispensers to clean clothes or fabrics.

Cloralen Bleach Percentage

You need to use Cloralen bleach on your laundry based on the problems. Note that Cloralen has 7% of sodium hypochlorite. You will use 50% Cloralen bleach with water to get a better result. I suggest you follow the user manual which you find in the Cloralen bleach packet.


What’s the difference between Cloralen and Clorox?

There are plenty of differences between Cloralen and Clorox, but their goals are similar. However, these two bleaches come with different ingredients and different formulas.

What are the three types of bleach?

The three types of bleaches are halogen, oxygen, and reducing bleaches. They have different capabilities to work. You must need to choose them carefully for your purpose.

What brand of bleach is the strongest?

Wella Color Charm Powder Hair Lightener is one of the strongest bleach I have ever found. You can choose bleach to remove hard odors, dirt, and stains without applying much bleach.

Wrapping Up

Regular and Cloralen bleach are different from each other. Regular bleach is also known as Clorox. Their ingredients and formula are also different. Though they have plenty of differences, their goals are similar.

For example, you will use the bleaches for kitchen purposes, bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning, laundry, and son. Choose the right bleach for you; you can check out the above article.

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