How to Unclog a Fabric Softener Dispenser?

How to Unclog a Fabric Softener Dispenser
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The fabric softener dispenser of a top or front-loading washing machine can be clogged after continuous normal usage. The user must clean it to keep up the stable performance. The process is not as difficult as the soap or grime that creates the clog inside fabric softener dispense.

Moreover, it can be a rendering block and become useless after a certain period if it remains unclogged for longer. You can either clean it manually or follow a strategic method to avoid washing machine failure.

A toothbrush, soap, and a bucket of water will complete the work in manual cleaning. Home remedies are good enough to unclog a fabric softener dispenser within a short time. If you are busy doing it yourself, call an expert who can make it easy for you. However, we will tell you how to unclog a fabric softener dispenser without trouble.

Locate the Fabric Softener Dispenser

First of all, you need to open the washing machine lid. No worries, as you have to pretend for a regular laundry job.

  • The fabric softener dispenser is usually located under the machine lid in a corner. Although the exact location depends on the structure of your machine, most of the dispenser sits next to the detergent dispenser.
  • If there is still confusion, just check the user manual of your washing machine to make it quick.
  • Open the Front Door
  • If you have a front-loading washing machine, look at the top of the machine to locate the softener dispenser.
  • Remove the dispenser if it is removable, or we will try another method for a non-removable dispenser. It becomes easier to clean for a removable fabric softener dispenser.

Manual Method of Unclogging

These steps are easy to do if you have a few things available. A liquid dishwasher, a large bowl or bucket, 1 gallon of warm water and a toothbrush will be enough.

  • Use gloves during the procedure to keep your hands out of dirt and chemical reaction.
  • You can even wear old or less favorite clothes to finish the job.
  • If you are out of any of the elements to clean the fabric softener dispenser manually, you can quickly purchase them from your nearby store.
  • Once you are done with the soap and water mixture in a bucket, gently place the dispenser into the liquid while wearing your rubber gloves.
  • Keep it for 5 to 10 minutes to get the authentic solution, and do not splash any of the bleach on your skin.
  • Now, wipe the fabric dispenser with a clean and soft cloth. Make sure that you make it fully dry with the cloth. You can use a toothbrush to clean it from the corner side.
  • Reinstall it since you are done with the unclogged mission of the fabric softener dispenser.

How to Clean a Non-Removable Fabric Softener Dispenser?

There is a way to clean a non-removable dispenser, also.

  • First, arrange a bucket, warm water, and liquid dish detergent. Fill the bucket with a mixture of detergent and warm water.
  • Pour the mixture into the fabric dispenser of your washing machine gently. Make sure not to leak the water and detergent mixture inside. Run the machine on “warm rinse” mode.
  • It allows a soft and decent cleaning that is clogged inside.
  • Run at least three “warm rinse” modes with the detergent, which means you have to repeat the cycle three times.
  • You may reach inside your fabric softener dispenser to wipe out any grime or soap that is not cleaned properly using a damp cloth.
  • Trying vinegar sometimes helps as well, and you can certainly try it if your fabric softener dispenser is still not cleaned properly.

Things You Need in Every Case

Whether you have a removable or non-removable fabric softener dispenser installed, a few things have no replacement for the unclog moment.

  • Clean bucket
  • Water availability nearby
  • Liquid detergent
  • Soft and clean clothes to dry later
  • Toothbrush


Is Fabric Softener Dispenser Unclogging Too Difficult?

Not at all; it looks so simple if you just follow our recommended steps. It takes 20 minutes maximum to complete the job, and your washing machine will start performing at its best again.

Which Type Of Fabric Softener Dispenser Is Easier To Clean?

It is removable since you can move it very easily than the non-removable ones. But you need to be more careful while cleaning the removable one because you also have to reinstall it. 


A fabric softener dispenser is a really essential thing to take care of for stable laundry services. Do not just set it and forget it because that’s not what it meant.

Clean it properly when you feel like doing it. You may not be sure if the fabric softener dispenser is removable. In such cases, consult with the washing machine authority to get help. 

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