How to Stop Cat From Peeing in Laundry Basket?

How to Stop Cat From Peeing in Laundry Basket
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Cats frequently urinate on dirty items like clothing, bath mats, and even bed sheets that are still on the bed. Although the reason cats do this is unknown, it could be possible that they don’t like the scent of the clothes or the scent or placement of the litter box.

So a solution related to the given title “How To Stop Cats From Peeing In Laundry Baskets” needs to be brought out for the ease of the one teeming cat.

Since that is problematic, consider switching the washing basket to a closed hamper instead or placing cat-specific spray deterrents or repellents nearby to prevent her from ever accessing the laundry.

Reason For Peeing In Laundry Baskets

They might be exhibiting stress-related symptoms due to a change in the household activities, such as the arrival of a newborn, the purchase of new furnishings, or a transfer to a different house. They can even have a medical issue that has to be addressed.

Due to a problem with stress and anxiety, which can mess with the body’s hormonal and chemical balances. Idiopathic cystitis, or bladder irritation with no known aetiology, is present.

Medical Causes

Veterinarians look for health issues like kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, crystals in the urine (which can be fatal in male cats), bladder stones, bladder inflammation brought on by an infection, or even stress when cats urinate somewhere other than their litter boxes. 

The laundry on the floor provides a comfortable, comforting spot to attempt to forget the discomfort. Due to a taught aversion to the “offending” litter box, which the cat perceives as the source of pain, this pain may cause them to urinate inappropriately for their behaviour.

Litter Box Causes

Other times, the cat doesn’t like the scent or texture of the litter, or the litter box needs to be up to cat standards (think Port-o-Potty at a trailhead in August). Cats do prefer certain textures for a variety of behaviours, including urinating.

Some cats would instead use softer surfaces than cat litter (particularly pelleted or traditional clay litter), such as clothing or plastic bags on the floor. No other cats appear to be concerned.

Behavioural Causes

On the other hand, behaviour itself might be the root of improper urination. Wild cats live in groups of related female cats and wander and defend areas that are around 10 acres in size. Domestic cats are significantly, exceptionally closely related to these animals.

Humans who adore them frequently put them in strange circumstances where they experience discomfort due to crowding, boredom, or anxiety.

The conflict between cats or dogs, visitors, noise, or a frightening incident that happened while they were using the toilet (such as intimidation by another cat or the buzzing of a washing machine, for example) can also be the root of the problem.

Your Cat Prefers To Pee Standing Up

Although this might seem strange, please bear with us because one of our pets had a similar circumstance. Some cats prefer to relieve themselves with their front paws out of the litter box because they don’t feel comfortable putting both paws in the container. 

It may be challenging with a closed-in or narrow-sided open litter box.

In our situation, a sizable “jump-in” litter box that is enclosed but has a big opening at the top was brought in. The cat in issue can now stand up, put their front paws on the highest point of the container, and stick their head out the opening while they “go.”

They’re Marking Their Territory

Unneutered male cats are infamous for spraying a potent scent from a gland at the base of their tails to mark their territory. It is not the same as urine. However, some cats may begin marking their territory with pee if they become anxious. They might select odd locations, like your laundry basket.

 Another Cat Is Getting In The Way

A house with multiple cats might observe personality differences, dominance, or submission. For example – one of your cats may have decided the litter box belongs to them and is frightening the other cats away from it. If you see this behaviour, you should buy many litter boxes until the social dynamics change.

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How To Keep Cats From Peeing In Laundry Baskets

Cats are tidy creatures. If cats are eliminated somewhere other than their litter boxes, they might be trying to communicate with you. Even if you might want to shout, refrain from punishing Kitty, especially if you find out about it much later. Instead, identify the cause of the urination and stop it.

Step 1

For a few days, hide the laundry baskets and observe the results. Determine whether the cats are urinating in the baskets as a sign of dissatisfaction or because they are drawn to them., like their litter box or the person wearing the items inside the basket.

If concealing the baskets resolves the issue, you will know the solution, and the cats start utilising the litter box again. You must explore elsewhere for answers if they switch to peeing in a different item or place.

Step 2

Thoroughly clean the litter box. Because they have an issue with the boxes themselves, cats frequently urinate somewhere other than their litter boxes. Do you have multiple cats but only a single little box? One cat possibly displaced the other and took control of the litter box. Purchase a litter box for every cat you own. Consider picking up the litter more frequently and getting a different kind.

Step 3

The laundry basket should be compared to the litter box in terms of size and design. Kitty could want a more private setting for bathroom breaks where he feels more secure. Purchase a litter box that is closed and shaped like a tiny house with a flap or opening.

Step 4

Use vinegar to clean the baskets. Cats regularly urinate in the same spot, right next to your laundry baskets, if they can smell urine. Try vinegar instead of soap and water since such methods are unlikely to eliminate the odour. Replace the baskets if the odour persists. It’s the only way to eliminate Kitty’s magnetic pull toward them.

Getting Cat Urine Smell Out Of Linens and Clothing

  • Run Cool Water Over the Area. If your clothing and bed linens can be machine washed, you should run a sinkful of cool water over the affected area.
  • Use Cider Vinegar or Baking Soda and Detergent to Wash
  • Insert an enzyme cleaner. If the odour persists, air dry the items after washing and rewashing.

Smells Deter Cats From Peeing

Home Remedy That Keeps Cats Away

Spread pipe tobacco, cayenne pepper, chilli pepper flakes, coffee grounds, orange, and lemon peels (cats don’t like the fragrance of citrus fruits), mustard oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, citronella oil, peppermint oil, or cayenne pepper. 

Orange and lemon peels, garlic, ammonia, vinegar, coffee grounds, pipe tobacco, mustard, citronella, and eucalyptus are all cat-repellent substances. Reapplying is necessary because the fragrances fade with time.


Q.1. How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Peeing On My Towels?

You should use them more than once if your cat is urinating on your towels, using an appropriate enzyme cleaning on the area at least thrice, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. You must ensure the thing has no trace of urine scent.

Q.2. Does Foil Keep Cats From Peeing?

Another choice is aluminium foil. The area where your cat urinated should be covered with foil. Cats will avoid it since they don’t like the sound or texture.

Q.3. Why Do Cats Pee On Towels And Blankets?

Cats frequently urinate on beds due to a problem brought on by stress and anxiety, which can alter the body’s hormonal and chemical balances. Idiopathic cystitis, or bladder irritation with no known aetiology, is present.

Q.4. What Soap Is Best For Cat Urine?

In a small bowl, Combine two cups of ice water and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid detergent. After that, add one tablespoon of vinegar to the mixture and give it a quick swirl. Start by using a microfiber cloth to blot the cat urine stain gently.

Q.5. Does Vinegar Stop Cats?

They don’t like the smell of vinegar, even though it is not physically harmful. Due to this, vinegar might act as a natural deterrent if there is a place you want your cats to stay away from. The scent is significantly lessened when vinegar is diluted, and vinegar is a fantastic chemical-free cleaning agent.

Wrapping Up

Since that is difficult, consider replacing the hamper with a closed one instead of putting cat-specific spray deterrents or repellents close to the basket to keep her from getting to the laundry. Cats are brought to shelters mainly because of this issue, typically a medical, behavioural, or litter box issue.

If you have these thoughts, you might not be as emotionally devoted to your pet as you think. It could be best for the cat if she found a new home. Our duty as pet owners is to understand how to prevent cats from urinating in laundry baskets, and the help of the upper given ideas about “How To Stop Cats From Peeing In Laundry Baskets” has made the concept very clear. Hopefully, the cat owner would face fewer complexes and maintain them properly.

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