How To Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key?

How To Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key
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We simply unlock the lock with the key provided and open the locker to take out the belongings. A pound coin must be inserted into the lock to extract the key.

But it’s a matter to worry about if the key is unavailable. But there are other ways to open it without a key, though. So the explanation of “how to open laundry coin box without key” is discussed in the following.

Coin-operated machines are way more costly than regular washers, but it’s also an additional revenue stream. You can even have the option of renting coin-operated washers and dryers to earn some profit.

Coin Laundry 

A coin laundry is a business usually set up by an individual to earn profit. The system is that the washing machines and dryers will be operated when the customer inserts the appropriate amount of money to make them run.

There’s no need to train your customers to use coin-based machines. It’s probably something they’ve used before. It’s readily available. Many commercial washers and dryers have already come forward to accept coins.

A few companies that rent appliances help to set the monthly contract that helps cover the service call.

Depending upon the model number, the components may be different, as well as the year of the manufacturer.

 5 Essentials For Coin Laundry-

  • Laundry bags for your dirty and clean laundry
  • A pocket full of refillable cash card
  • Disinfectant spray, wipes, and hand sanitizer
  • A book or magazine 
  • Laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets

Usage Of Coin Washer

The way coin washers work is as follows- 

  • We must insert coins into the machine
  • Then choose the cycle and start the wash. 
  • Remove the clothes and place them in the dryer.
  • Again remove all lint from the drawer. 
  • Ultimately, we must insert the coin, select the dry time and start the dryer.

Steps Of Using Of A Coin Laundry Washing Machine

The procedure for using a coin laundry washing machine is mentioned below-

  • Place detergent in the washing machine
  • Then set the washing machine’s control
  • After that the coin mechanism slot, we need to insert coins
  • In the end, add your laundry to the drums filled with water.

Unstuck Coin-Operated Laundry 

The procedure to unstick the coin box without the help of a key is mentioned below-

By The Use Of Hammer-

  • Where the coin slot is located, we need to slap that side of the machine to get the coin to move. 
  • We need to put a piece of wood to protect the machine’s finish and, with a hammer, unjam the coin.
  • You must use caution not to hammer extremely hard so that you might not cause any damage to the machine.
  • Then insert another coin and push in the chute. 

By The Use Of A Screwdriver-

  • We need to place a flat-blade screwdriver on the buttonhole of the launderette box, then separate it.
  • After that, push the screwdriver into the hole of the laundry coin box and move it back and forth. 

This action may unjam the stuck coin if the key isn’t available.


Q.1. Do All Washing Machines Have A Coin Trap?

No, not all washers have a coin trap. The washer’s coin trap likely has a small hatch that opens to reveal the damp retrieved over the last few months.

Q.2. How Do You Use A Washer And Dryer Coin?

After inserting coins into the machine, we must select the cycle and start the wash. Remove clothes and place them in the dryer. Then remove all lint from the lint drawer of the machine. Lastly, we must insert the coin, select a dry time, and start the dryer.

Q.3. Can You Convert A Regular Washer To Coin Operated?

Yes, it’s possible to convert. A domestic washer and dryer can help to convert into a coin-operated one. Not necessary to buy an expensive commercial washer; even we can use our own and modify it. 

Q.4. Is Coin Laundry Business Profitable?

Yes, it’s very profitable. Their ultra-high success rate is 94.8 percent

and flexible management structure, laundromats are an attractive investment and regardless of the economic landscape.

Q.5. How Do You Open A Coin Trap?

First, we need to look for a coin trap panel. If you have a coin trap, you will see a small, square panel on the front or side of the machine. Then we will open the door by removing the trap by turning it counterclockwise.

Wrapping Up

The key is mandatory to open the coin laundry box, yet you can still open the laundry coin box if, for any reason, the key is not found.

But let’s not do any stupid trick to open the laundry coin because there are a few ways mentioned above. Thus, the answer to “how to open laundry coin box without key” has been found.

The one not having that has the option to go to a laundry shop where you can wash your clothes in exchange for coins. Every such shop has a coin box, which remains locked.

Meanwhile, if the coin box is stuck while opening, you have to report the problem to the authorities; they will solve it with the above-mentioned solution.

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