How To Hide Laundry Hookups Properly?

How To Hide Laundry Hookups
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Similar to in-unit laundry, washer-dryer connections allow you to install your washer and dryer and benefit from the same in-unit features afterward.

With washer-dryer hookups, you are responsible for locating and maintaining the appliances. The procedure of “How To Hide Laundry Hookups” will be discussed in the entire blog.

The Nature Of Laundry

Regular laundry helps eliminate bacteria, dirt, fleas, mites, and other irritants or infections. Frequent infectious disorders such as diarrheal illness, lung infections, scabies, and other skin infections can be decreased by regularly washing clothing and bedding.

Water and detergent are the only essential laundry ingredients required to complete a load. Among the other frequently used laundry items are bleach, spot removers, and fabric softeners.

Water can be utilized at various temperatures, which might impact your garments if mishandled.

The different types of laundry services are-

  • Pickup laundry services.
  • Commercial laundry services.
  • Dry cleaning services.
  • Fluff and fold laundry services.
  • Laundromat self-service.

Things Needed For Laundry Hookup

  • Both a new dryer and washer.
  • Duct and vent for a dryer.
  • Clamps on vents.
  • Cord for the dryer.
  • New intake hoses for water.
  • Drain hose for a washer.
  • The “Y” Connector.
  • Flex gas line.

The Procedure for Hiding Laundry Room Hookups

  • Constructing shelves. 
  • One of the most excellent methods to conceal your laundry pipework from view is to build shelving around or in front of it.
  • Adding Some Foliage. Using Wood Pipe Covers.
  • Installing Sliding Doors; Painting and Covering the Pipework; Using Wraparound Lighting; Boxing the Pipework.

Laundry Without Hookups

Another choice for preparing an apartment without washer and dryer connections for laundry is a portable washer and dryer unit.

These units are modest, adaptable, and perfect for small apartments. All you need to get started is access to a water source and a means of draining the water.

Is Covering a Washing Machine Hookup Safe?

Before concealing the washing machine’s plumbing, there are a few things to consider. First off, keep in mind one of the functions of such hook-ups!

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They provide more than just supplying water to your washing machine.

Additionally, they are there so you can shut off the water if something goes wrong and your machine starts flooding. We must be able to rapidly access our washer hookup box because that is also where our washer’s drain connects.


Q.1. What Height Should A Laundry Hookup Be?

The flood level rim (or the top of the drainage outlet) once you’ve chosen the ideal washing machine outlet box for your situation, the flood-level rim (or the top of the drainage outlet) should be set at a height of 32 to 34 inches above the finished floor.

Q.2. How Far Can The Washer Be From Hookups?

The washing machine and dryer electrical connections should be six feet or less from the appliance. According to local building rules, the minimum height for outlets in a house may vary, but both outlets should be installed between 34 and 36 inches high for convenience.

Q.3. Can Laundry Hookups Be Moved?

Relocating washer and dryer hookups can cost up to $2,000, depending on their intricacy. For the simplest, uncomplicated tasks, allocate between $50 and $175 per unit.

Although you might require an electrician to install new outlets, you can hire a neighborhood handyman to complete the task.

Q.4. Are All Washer Hookups The Same?

Most washing machines simply require a typical 120-volt outlet. You should establish a dedicated circuit if your new washer needs 240 volts. Modern electric dryers need a special appliance cord with a four-prong connection in a 120/240-volt outlet.

Q.5. Can You Install Laundry Hookups?

A washer and dryer hookup can be added to a home, but the cost will increase based on the installation’s difficulty. Extending water lines, sewers, and power are all parts of complex installations, costing more than $5,000.

Q.6 How Hard Is It To Add Washer And Dryer Hookups?

Because it requires changing both the plumbing and electrical systems, adding washer and dryer hookups to a place might be easier than your normal home improvement. Unless you have prior electrical or plumbing skills, get a professional to complete the task.


A commonly asked question is How To Hide Laundry Hookups? Here is our simple answer: If you wanted something that would still allow us access to the hookups while also giving your laundry a lovely appearance.

You need to get to the hookups quickly if anything happens because you don’t want to make anything permanent. Drapes concealing them need to be style, and since we have front loaders, a rack over the top wouldn’t conceal them.

This way, you can construct a rack with a face across the front. L brackets in the studs on the back and a 12 on the side hold the shelf up. Let’s see how they differ after being placed. Thus, How To Hide Laundry Hookups has been very clearly explained.

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