How to Do Laundry in Bathtub?

How To Do Laundry In Bathtub
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How to do laundry in bathtub? Sooner or later, you must know if you have a bathtub. You may sometimes feel like doing laundry in the bathtub. It is a quick and straightforward way to wash a big or small load of laundry by hand in the bathtub. 

You can fill the bathtub with water, add your chosen detergent, agitate to wash the goods, and then rinse as you would when hand washing them in the sink. Then, you can tumble-dry or line-dry your clothes. Often people have, at some point in their lives, hand-washed garments. 

Does Hand Washing Clothes Work?

The best way to clean clothes is by hand washing them! Since it doesn’t require electricity, it is energy-efficient. If you wash a few items, you can conserve water by not filling the entire machine. 

It is also a fantastic way to increase the lifespan of those delicate things and any hand-washed clothing. Hand-washed clothes will come out just as clean and require a little more time and effort, but you can relax knowing that you burned a few more calories in the process.

How To Wash Your Clothes In The Bathtub Steps

Sometimes there is only one thing that needs to be cleaned, and other times it’s a fragile thing that won’t withstand the machine washing cycle. Have you ever wondered how to wash clothing in the bathtub when you have a large load of laundry and no access to a washing machine? 

Instead, you need clean clothing for tomorrow, but your washing machine is broken, and you can’t go to the laundry. You can wash a modest load of dirty clothes in the bathtub, so don’t worry. 

If you are okay with exerting more effort than simply throwing your clothing in the washer, washing your clothes in the bathtub is easy. For twelve items of clothing, washing in the bathtub might be beneficial. Any additional items would constitute a full load that could be washed at a laundromat or washing machine.

First, Wash Your Bathtub

Ensure thoroughly clean your garments before adding water and soap to wash clothes in the tub. The area around your shower is filthy and infected with germs, even though you might not know it.

Because washing clothing in a tub that is already dirty defeats the objective of cleaning. If you must protect your hands, think about wearing protective gloves.

Read The Clothing Label As The Next Step.

When utilising a product, always read the label. Hand washing is okay if there is a picture of a hand in a tub of water. Everything with “dry-clean only” written on it should not be washed. You must take it to a dry cleaner to have it cleaned. 

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Before hand washing, a small area of the garment should be examined for color fastness. Take particular care while washing some textiles because they call for specific handlings, like silk. Baby clothes should be washed separately from other items to prevent irritating the baby’s sensitive skin.

Next, Organise Your Clothes.

When sorting your laundry, keep in mind the colour and fabric type! Avoid wearing white clothes with coloured ones since the bleed from the colourful clothes could ruin your white clothing.

Make That The Drain Plug Is Operational

Always check that the drain is functioning well to prevent water from leaking when you begin washing. By conducting a leak check in advance, you can avoid wasting water and effort cleaning up the mess.

Determine The Suitable Water Temperature

The water temperature must be regulated for the fabric you’ll be washing. Use lukewarm water if it isn’t mentioned on the label to prevent ruining it.

Add The Cleanser

While cleaning in the bathtub, liquid detergent is suggested because it dissolves more readily and leaves less residue than powdered ones.

Wash Your Clothes In The Bathtub

You can now put your laundry in the tub with the appropriate detergent and let it soak for at least ten minutes. 

When you start hand washing them, cleaning them will be simpler because the hard dirt that becomes embedded in the cloth has been removed by soaking it in soap and water. Minor stains can be removed with its assistance.

Begin Washing

You can now begin washing your hands by rubbing them together or getting in the bathtub and stomping it after soaking them for 10 minutes.

It’s time to give your clothes one last push by rotating them after soaking them for at least a few minutes. Use gentle strokes to gently brush your clothing through the warm, soapy water. 

A little period of pushing the fabric together could assist in agitating particularly stubborn stains on apparel. Avoid going overboard to protect the material.

Some claim another option is to jump in the tub and trample on the dirty laundry. 

Yet, using a skin-friendly washing detergent is still the best option. Use both feet to stomp on a surface to flatten it completely. Go for another 10 minutes if you have the strength.

Use Fresh Water To Clean the Solution

Once you’re confident that all the dirt has been removed and the clothing is clean, it’s time to rinse them. Start by taking off the drain plug and completely draining the tub. Replace the stopper once more or fill the tub up. Once the tub is empty, rinse the clothing under the faucet.

Once you’re confident that the soap has been washed off your clothes, keep rinsing. Please ensure all your clothes have been washed in water before hanging them up to prevent skin discomfort. Unlike what Instructables says, we don’t advise stomping your garments while rinsing unless you use regular dish soap.

Dry The Clothes After Removing Any Extra Water.

Squeeze the extra water out gently. Wring gently; else, the clothing will be heavily wrinkled. Place the clothing on an automatic drying rack, clothesline, or dryer.

Usage Of A Specific Detergent In The Bathtub

For most garment articles, mild soap works best unless the fabric is smooth, laced, tweed, or fragile. Silky and lacy clothing benefits greatly from using no-rinse soap since it keeps the dress from being damaged by over-rinsing.

A lanolin-containing detergent is perfect for washing woollen and delicate knits to keep them soft and prevent damage while being washed.

A Little More Advice For Bathtub Clothes Cleaning

  • Remember To Clean The Tub: Clean clothes come from clean clothes. Give the tub a good scrub, but avoid using a bleach-containing bathroom cleanser, or you’ll end up with permanent stains on your clothes.
  • Remember The Fundamental Guidelines For Laundry: Sort the clothing and wash it with other items like colours and fibres.
  • Don’t Overfill The Tub: Washing two smaller loads is preferable to packing everything into the tub simultaneously.
  • Use Moderate Amounts Of Detergent: If too much detergent is in the tub, removing the sudsy residue will be challenging, and the garments will be uncomfortable.


Can You Wash Clothes In A Bathtub?

You can wash a modest load of dirty clothes in the bathtub, so don’t worry. If you are okay with exerting more effort than simply throwing your clothing in the washer, washing your clothes in the bathtub is easy.

How Can I Wash My Clothes In The Bathroom Sink?

Thoroughly soak the garment and stir it with your hands for a few minutes instead of rubbing, twisting, or scouring the fabric, only swishing and squeezing motions. Let the clothing soak in the sink for three to four minutes afterwards.

How Should I Soak My Clothes In The Bathtub?

Start with 1 tablespoon of detergent, 1/2 tablespoon each of borax and washing soda, and a 5-gallon bucket.) Once the substance has dissolved, thoroughly stir the water. When the water has completely cooled, add your laundry to the tub and let it soak for about four hours, stirring occasionally.

Does A Bathtub Work For Washing Clothes?

A bathtub makes washing many clothes simple, but a sink or big bucket/bin will do the trick for a few items or loads.


If done correctly, washing clothes in the bathtub will produce the same results as washing them in a machine. Wash delicate items that would be damaged in the washing machine in the bathtub.

If there is ever a power outage and you need to wash, think about doing it in the bathtub. This straightforward technique may be carried out anywhere there is a tub and can help you travel more affordably.

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