How To Decorate A Plastic Laundry Basket: in 2023

How To Decorate A Plastic Laundry Basket
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If you want to Transform Your Plastic Laundry Basket into a Stylish Statement Piece, you should know “how to decorate a plastic laundry basket.” Don’t you wish it was more than just a utility item? Well, you are in luck! In this blog post, learn how to turn a plastic laundry basket into a stylish statement piece that enhances the beauty of your home.

Decor Ideas With A Plastic Laundry Basket

Plastic Laundry Basket

These baskets also make great blank canvases for creating fully customised DIY decorations. Here are some of the most creative ideas we found on the internet.

Paint It With Personality

Paint Basket With Personality
Credit Source: HGTV

Most laundry baskets were fine, but the bamboo edges were so smooth and shiny that I sanded them down briefly with 80-grit sandpaper. Give the plastic laundry basket a fresh look by painting it in a bright colour that matches your interior design. Add patterns and stencils to get even more creative.

To personalise your plastic laundry basket, follow these easy steps to give it a creative makeover.

Prepare The Surface

Thoroughly wash the plastic laundry basket with soap and water to remove dirt and debris. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Collect Materials

You will need a plastic primer, acrylic paint of the desired colour, a brush, painter’s tape, and a protective cover for your work surface.

Prepare A Basket

Apply a thin, even layer of plastic primer to the entire surface of the basket. Follow the drying time recommended by the manufacturer. Apply basic colours.

Choose a base colour and apply it with a brush in even strokes. Start at the top and work your way down. After that, please Wait for the paint to dry before adding more layers and colours.

Add Patterns And Designs

Get creative and add patterns and designs to make your basket unique. Create shapes and lines using stencils, freehand paint, or painter’s tape. Use your imagination.


Allow the paint to dry completely. Apply more layers if needed for a more vibrant finish.

Seal Colour

To protect your design and make it more durable, apply a clear sealer or varnish for acrylic paint to the plastic surface. It will prevent chipping and fading over time. 

Let’s Cure

Allow the basket to harden according to the sealant manufacturer’s instructions. This will allow the paint and sealant to adhere to the surface entirely.

With these simple steps, you can turn your plastic laundry basket into a stylish, personalised accessory for your home. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind satisfaction that adds personality to your washroom.

Wrap It In Fabric

Please choose a fabric that compliments your interior design and wrap it around the basket, securing it with adhesive or decorative ribbons. Instantly add an elegant touch to your laundry area. 

To wrap a plastic laundry basket with fabric, follow these easy steps for a stylish makeover.

Choose Your Fabric

Choose fabrics to match your interior design and personal style. Consider the textures, patterns, and colours best suit your desired look.

Measure And Cut

Measure the circumference of a plastic laundry basket and add a few inches of overlap. Using these measurements, cut a strip of fabric wide enough to cover the basket completely.

Prepare Dough

If vital, press the texture to expel wrinkles and wrinkles. This ensures a smooth and tidy look when wrapping the basket.

Apply Glue

Apply Glue at Busket
Credit Source: Primitive Mountain Quilts and Crafts

Apply a fabric-friendly adhesive, such as fabric glue or spray adhesive, to the back of the fabric strip. Be sure to cover all surfaces that come in contact with the basket.

Start Packing

First, wrap a strip of cloth around a plastic laundry basket from top to bottom. At this time, remove any wrinkles or air bubbles to ensure a snug and secure fit. Secure the ends.

After wrapping the entire basket, overlap the edges of the fabric and apply additional glue to hold it in place. Use clothespins or paper clips to control the material in the home until the glue dries.

Add Decorative Accents

Decorative ribbons or ornaments can be added to the basket’s top for visual appeal. This gives it a sophisticated and finished look.

Let Dry

Permit the stick to dry, totally concurring with the item’s information. It creates a strong bond between the fabric and the plastic surface.

When the fabric is firmly attached and completely dry, the plastic laundry basket looks fresh and stylish. It blends seamlessly into your interior design and adds an elegant touch to your laundry area. Enjoy the transformed look and functionality of the wrapped laundry basket.

Embellish with Trimmings

Jazz up your plastic laundry basket by attaching decorative trimmings such as lace, pom-poms, or ribbons. These small details can significantly impact and give your basket a unique and personalised touch.

To add some decoration to your plastic laundry basket, follow these simple steps to give it a personal and decorative touch.

Please Select A Material

Choose decorative décor that fits your style and complements the overall beauty of your home. Options include laces, pom poms, ribbons, and even strips of fabric.

Prepare A Basket

Thoroughly wash the plastic laundry basket with soap and water to remove dirt and debris. Let it dry completely before proceeding with the beautification process.

Measure And Cut

Please measure the length of the trimming of your choice and cut it to fit the required area of ​​the basket. Consider whether you want to cover the entire cart or focus on specific sections.

Apply Glue

Apply a suitable adhesive, such as fabric glue or a hot glue gun, to the back of the trim. Apply the adhesive evenly, ensuring it covers the entire surface that will come in contact with the basket.

Install Trimming

Carefully place leftovers in a plastic laundry basket and press firmly into the adhesive. Start at one end and work your way up one at a time for a safe and clean application. Take your time laying out the ingredients to get a professional finish.

Add Additional Decorations

Additional elements such as ribbons, buttons, and small fabric flowers can be attached to enhance the decorative appeal. These extra details add depth and visual interest to your kart. 

Once the glue completely dries, your plastic laundry basket becomes visually appealing and unique. Additional decorations add a special touch to the washroom, making the basket stylish and eye-catching. Enjoy the beauty and charm of our decorated laundry basket.

Create a Mosaic

Small tiles or colourful ceramic shards are crushed and pasted onto the surface of the basket to create a mosaic effect. This technique adds structure and visual interest to the washroom. These simple steps make a mosaic pattern on a plastic laundry basket.

Collect Materials

Collect small tiles and colourful pottery shards for mosaics. You will also need an adhesive suitable for plastic surfaces, such as solid craft glue or tile adhesive.

Clean Out The Basket

Ensure your plastic laundry basket is clean and free of dust and debris. Wash it all with cleanser and water and dry thoroughly. 

Plan Your Design

Choose what plan or design you need to form in your mosaic. You can choose random placement or create specific shapes and images. Before you start, it’s helpful to sketch your design on paper.

Apply Glue

Use a brush or spatula to gently apply a layer of adhesive to the plastic surface of the basket. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions for proper application.

Arrange The Tiles

First, place small tiles or ceramic pieces on the adhesive in your desired pattern. Press firmly into the glue to make sure it is firmly attached. Continue working section by section until the entire design is complete.

Please Fill In The Blanks

With the tiles in place, you may notice small gaps between the tiles. Fill these gaps with tile grout or grout-like material. Use the grout or spatula to apply grout between the tiles and smooth it out. Follow instructions for drying and cleaning.

Clean And Polish

Once the grout is dry, remove excess grout from the tile surface with a damp cloth or sponge. Wipe gently so as not to damage the mosaic design. After cleaning, buff the tiles with a soft cloth for added shine.

Let’s Cure

Follow the instructions for the adhesive and grout, and let the mosaic cure for the recommended time. It allows the tiles and grout to heal and properly adhere to the plastic surface.

Creating a mosaic on plastic laundry baskets adds texture, colour, and visual interest to your laundry area. Enjoy the artistic beauty and unique style the mosaic design brings to your shopping cart.

Please Select A Label In Plastic Laundry Basket

Choose labels that suit your style and complement the overall look of your plastic laundry basket. Stick-on letters, fabric labels, or even hand-drawn designs can be used. To add personalised tags to your plastic laundry baskets, follow these simple steps:

Clean The Surface

Make sure the surface of the plastic laundry basket is clean and free of dust and debris. Wash altogether with cleanser and water and dry entirely. 

Place The Label

Decide where the personalised label will be placed in his shopping cart. Standard options include a front, sides, or even a lid if desired. Make sure the area is clean and dry.

Affix The Label

If using self-adhesive letters or ready-made labels, carefully remove the protective film and place them in the desired position on the basket. Press firmly to attach securely. If using fabric or paint, follow the specific instructions that come with the material.

Personalise Your Label

Optionally, you can customise your label by adding a name, monogram, or other text or design that reflects your personality. Use permanent markers, fabric pencils, or paints to create your favourite customisations.

Let Dry

Allow the label to dry completely, following the instructions for the material you are using. This keeps the label firmly attached to the plastic surface and intact.

Attaching a personalised label to your plastic laundry hamper gives you a sense of belonging and keeps you organised in style. Enjoy the unique and customised touch our labelled laundry baskets add to your home.


Can I Paint A Plastic Laundry Basket?

Achieving a perfect result is easier than you imagine! This video will show how to spray paint a plastic laundry cart. We used our primer for plastics to ensure the paint adhered well and then finished with an acrylic spray.

Can I Use Spray Paint To Decorate My Plastic Laundry Basket?

Absolutely! Spray paint is a convenient and efficient way to transform the look of your basket. Just make sure to choose a paint specifically designed for plastic surfaces.

How Can I Ensure The Paint Or Adhesive Doesn’t Peel Off?

To prevent peeling, clean the surface of the basket thoroughly before applying any paint or adhesive. You’ll use rubbing liquor to expel any soil or oils that might influence the grip. 

Can I Decorate A Plastic Laundry Basket That Has Cracks Or Damage?

While it’s best to start with a basket in good condition, minor cracks can be camouflaged with paint or covered with fabric. However, significant damage may affect the overall result.


In summary, how to decorate a plastic laundry basket. Decorating your plastic laundry basket can make it a personalised and stylish item that makes your home more beautiful. Paint it, wrap it in fabric, add embellishments, add a customised label, and create a mosaic; the possibilities are endless. 

Unleash your creativity and add elegance and character to your bathroom. Unleash your imagination and embark on a DIY journey that transforms a simple plastic basket into a statement piece. Enjoy the process of creating beautiful, unique, and practical ways to show your artistic side.

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