How to Add Fabric Softener to Washer That Locks?

How to Add Fabric Softener to Washer That Locks
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Adding fabric softener to the washer is a common thing to make the fabric soft, smell good, and do deep cleaning. But, sometimes, our washer comes with a lock, and we aren’t able to put fabric softener on the washer like regularly. So, how to add fabric softener to a washer that locks?

To unlock the washer to add fabric softener, you need to pause the cycle, and the lid will unlock-lift the lid. After that, you should add fabric softener. Finally, close the lid and restart the cycle. Now, the washer is unlocked, and you can easily add fabric softener.

A modern washing machine comes with a lock and unlocks the system. The machine isn’t automatically locked, and we locked the machine mistakenly. However, let’s discuss in detail about this matter to get a clear concept.

How to Add Fabric Softener to Washer That Locks?

Do you have a modern washer recently? The washer is locked, and you don’t add the fabric softener. It would help if you unlocked the washer first and then added the fabric softener.

It is an easy process. You will see the user manual to unlock the washer. But, if you think that it is complicated for you, follow the below steps to unlock your washer and added fabric softener.

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Step 1: Pause the Washer

First and foremost, you need to pause the washer. You will get a pause button from your washing machine. After pausing the washing machine, you can jump the following steps.

Step 2: The Lid Will Unlock Lift the Lid

The lid will unlock-lift the lid after pausing the washer. If the lid doesn’t unlock, you should stop the power supply line and then start it again. On the other hand, you can also hire a technician to solve this problem.

Step 3: Add Softener

Now, it is time to add a softener to your washer. The washer should unlock and be ready to take fabric softener. Use a perfect amount of fabric softener so that the washer works properly.

Step 4: Close the Lid

After adding fabric softener to the washer, you need to close the lid. Of course, you have to close the lid; otherwise, the water and fabric softener spread out.

Step 5: Restart

Finally, restart the washer so that the locked properly unlocked. After restarting the washing machine, the machine starts all of the functions properly and starts to wash your fabric or clothes.

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How to Add Vinegar in a Washing Machine When Washer Locked?

The majority of washing machine comes with a vinegar dispenser, which allows you to add vinegar. But what happened when the washer locked? It means that you don’t add vinegar to the washer to clean your clothes.

To add vinegar to a washing machine, you have to unlock the washer. However, you will check out the following simple process to add vinegar when the washer lock.

Step 1: Pause the Washing Machine

Before unlocking the washing machine, you need to pause the machine so that we can properly work. Make sure that the washing machine dispenser is empty.

Step 2: Remove the Lid

To unlock the washer, you must remove the washing machine’s lid. You just need to follow the user manual guide to remove the lid.

Step 3: Add A Perfect Amount of Vinegar

Now, it is time to add some vinegar to the dispenser. You will get an unlock dispenser to add the vinegar without making any mistakes. So, added a perfect pour of vinegar and closed the lid. Of course, you need to close the lid so that the washer is unlocked properly.

Step 4: Restart Your Washing Machine

After completing the above 4-steps properly, you should restart the washing machine. When you restart the washing machine, the washer automatically unlocks, and you will easily use the washer regularly.

How Do You Add Softener to a Rinse Cycle When the Lid Is Locked?

There are two ways that the lid works. The lid locked because of the washing machine magnet. So, you need to remove the lid from the washing machine first to unlock the lid.

After removing the lid, the dispenser opens, and you can add a perfect amount of fabric softener. It should be used rinse cycle because the beginner cycle needs to be fixed when you remove the lid.

Now, you need to close the lid and restart the washer again. Finally, you see that the washing machine is unlocked, and you can use the dispenser to use detergent, fabric softener, and others.

The rinse cycle is always used for the ending cycle to wash. When the dispenser is not working or doesn’t come with your washing machine, you need to use the rinse cycle to add fabric softener or another chemical to clean your fabric.

How Can I Add Fabric Softener If I Can’t Unlock the Washer?

If your washing machine is locked, and you are unable to unlock the machine, you need to follow another way to add fabric softener. So, what is the process which helps you to add fabric softener in a locked washer?

Well, you use a drum system. The washer locked means you don’t use the dispenser. But you can use a drum system to add fabric softener. Apply a perfect amount of fabric softener on the drum and clean the cloth.

Another way you can use the rinse cycle is to add fabric softener. The rinse cycle is the ended cycle of the washer, which works in both conditions, locked and unlocked. Make sure that you are using the perfect amount of fabric softener; otherwise, your fabric produces a bad smell.


How do you lock a washing machine?

Different washing machine comes with different control panel, but all of the washing machines come with a locking system. However, you will see that the lock button comes right at the front. Press it and hold the button for 3 to 5 seconds until you hear the beep sound.

Why isn’t my washing machine locking?

If your washing machine isn’t locking, you need to find out the actual problem. First of all, the locking system is not working because of a magnet problem. You can also check out the control panel is working or not.

How do I reset the lock on my LG washing machine?

To reset the lock on your LG washing machine, you need to disconnect the washing machine from electricity. After that, you have to remove the lid from the washer and add some fabric softener. Finally, close the lid and start the washing machine to unlock the LG washing machine.

Can you disable lid lock on washer?

The official answer is yes. You can disable the lid lock on the washer. To do that, you just need to heat active, and after that, you should let the heat becomes cool. Let the washer unplug for 10 minutes so that it can be properly set.

After 10-minute passing, you need to plug in and start the washing machine. The lid lock should be disabled.

Final Verdict

When the washer is locked, that means you are unable to use the dispenser of the washing machine. So, you have to unlock the washer and then add fabric softener for regular work.

How to add fabric softener to a washer that locks? This question may raise your mind when you find your washer locked. So, check out the above step-by-step guide to unlock the washer and add the fabric softener or vinegar.

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