How to Add fabric Softener to Amana Washer?

How to Add fabric Softener to Amana Washer
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Lately, you’re not getting the perfect result after using the fabric softener in your Amana washer. And the reason is probably you are adding fabric softener to your washer in the wrong way.

So, now you’re thinking – how to add fabric softener to Amana washer?

If your Amana washer does have a fabric softener dispenser then just dilute the softener and then pour the right amount of softener into the fabric softener dispenser. And if there isn’t any fabric softener dispenser then dilute the softener and directly add them to the washer drum before adding clothes.

The guide looks too narrow, right? Don’t worry I’ve added a detailed guide below. Just read on. 

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How to Add fabric Softener to Amana Washer

Before you add fabric softener you need to understand whether your Amana washer comes with a fabric softener dispenser or not.

Most of the Amana washes come with an in-built automatic fabric softener dispenser. Again, some of them don’t contain the fabric softener dispenser. For different models the adding process is different. I’ll explain both ways to add fabric softeners for different models. But first, a quick table to clear your confusion. So, let’s dig in.

Washer TypeModelsMethod
With DispenserLARGE CAPACITY TOP LOAD WASHER (NTW4519JW)4.3 CU. FT. FRONT-LOAD WASHER (NFW5800HW)Add to the dispenser
Without  Dispenser3.5 CU. FT. TOP-LOAD WASHER (NTW4516FW)Add to the washer drumAttach external dispenser

How to Add Fabric Softener to Amana Washer With Fabric Softener Dispenser?

Here comes the first process when your fabric softeners have an automatic fabric softener dispenser. It’s very simple to put fabric softener in the Amana washer with an automatic softener dispenser. Let’s get to the step-by-step process.

  • First, locate the fabric softener dispenser on your Amana washer. It is usually located near the detergent dispenser or on the top of the agitator.
  • Remove the fabric softener dispenser cover and fill it with the desired amount of fabric softener. You should check both the washer’s user manual and the label of the fabric for the recommended amount of fabric softener to use.
  • Remember to dilute the softener if it’s required. To dilute, use ½ the number of fabric softeners and half the amount of water.
  • Now, replace the cover and then ensure that it’s securely placed.
  • After that, select the proper wash cycle on your Amana washer and start the machine.
  • As the machine starts to fill with water, the fabric softener will be released into the wash cycle.
  • Finally, wait for the wash cycle to complete, and then remove your laundry from the machine. Your clothes should be soft and have a pleasant scent.

Note: Always refer to the user manual for specific instructions on how to add fabric softener to your Amana washer, as the steps may vary depending on the model.

How to Add Fabric Softener to Amana Washer Without Fabric Softener Dispenser?

Add fabric Softener to Amana Washer
Add fabric Softener to Amana Washer

Now the problem appears when you have a washer such as – 3.5 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer (NTW4516FW). In such washers, there is no fabric softener dispenser. So, here is another process to add fabric softener to the Amana washer without a softener dispenser. 

Method 1: Pour Directly into the Washer Drum Before Adding Clothes

  • Mix the right amount of fabric softener according to the load size.
  • Dilute fabric softener and water in a container.
  • Pour the fabric softener directly into the washer drum before adding clothes.
  • Start the wash cycle as normal.

Method 2: Purchase an Additional Fabric Softener Dispenser

Here is another option that might not be applicable to your washer model. However, you can talk to the manufacturer and ask if you can manually attach a fabric softener dispenser. If there is an option then purchase a dispenser and attach it. 

Then follow the same process above to add the fabric softener. 

Final Verdict

I hope you have no more confusion on the topic – of how to add fabric softener to Amana washer. In general, the process is the same as for other brands.

But you might face issues when there is no dispenser. Follow the process I’ve suggested and I hope you face issues. 

So, good luck!

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