How Much Does Laundry Cost Per Month?

How Much Does Laundry Cost Per Month
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Spreading out your loads is still a good idea, no matter what kind of equipment you have. If you must do more than one load daily, consider doing one bag daily or spreading out two loads. “How Much Does Laundry Cost Per Month” shall be discussed broadly.

When you include all these costs, a load of laundry typically costs $1.27. Laundry costs $66.04 per year at this price if you do one load a week. Laundry costs $264.16 per year if you do four loads a week.

Importance Of Laundry

Your washing machine cycle prevents this because your clothing should fit you as intended, without stretching or shrinking. Selecting the proper cycle may speed up your laundry process, save time, keep your garments in shape, and retain their colors.

What Amount Of Money Do People Spend on Laundry?

People invest a lot of money in laundry detergent in addition to the time they spend doing laundry. Consumers spend $15–25 on detergent once or twice monthly. According to some basic math, people spend between $180 and $600 annually on laundry detergent (or every 300 to 390 loads).

That much laundry detergent is a lot! The average American family washes 300–390 loads of laundry annually, meaning they spend between $180 and $600 on detergent, according to Procter & Gamble Co.

When all these expenses are considered, the average cost of a load of laundry is $1.27. Laundry costs $66.04 per year at this price if you do one load a week. Laundry costs $264.16 per year if you do four loads a week. Laundry costs $528.32 annually if you do eight loads on average weekly.

Washing clothes costs Americans an incredible sum of money every year. According to documents from laundry service providers, the average American home spends at least $1,500 annually on laundry, including the cost of washing machines, fabric softeners, bleach, and detergent.

Even though doing laundry is expensive, it is a necessity for survival. Laundry not only helps keep people healthy by upholding hygienic standards, but it also increases the lifespan of clothing.

Laundry charges are worth it in more ways than one because they help us look our best and protect our wardrobes for a reasonably minimal cost.

Load of Laundry Cost at a Laundromat

In a laundromat, the cost of doing laundry is flexible. Your city of residence and the specific laundromats’ locations can affect this. A laundromat typically costs between $2 and $4 a load, though this pricing is subject to change.

Comparing a few different laundromats would be a good idea to obtain a realistic impression of prices in your area. Remember that your best choice may only sometimes be the one with the lowest price. You want the place to be clean and the equipment to operate smoothly and correctly.

A laundromat might be an excellent place to do your laundry. Multiple loads can be washed and dried simultaneously, and large items like comforters and blankets can be washed on large-capacity machines. There are some drawbacks, chief among them the price.

The price of doing laundry at the laundromat depends on a number of things. You must take into account when calculating the average cost per load.

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Laundry Cost Per Month

The average monthly spending to do laundry is $166.72, or $41.68 x 4, based on an average of eight loads per week multiplied by the four weeks in a month.

Laundry Cost Per Year

By multiplying the monthly cost by 12, you may calculate the annual cost of doing laundry at the laundromat. In our example, $166.72 each month multiplied by 12 equals $2,000.64.

Cost of Doing Laundry at Home

The detergent cost is the only additional expense when doing laundry at home at first look. While the obvious costs, such as transportation and the direct costs of using the machines, are gone, there are still some invisible costs to consider when doing laundry at home.

The water and electricity used to run the washer and dryer are the main expenses of washing laundry at home, in addition, to the upfront cost of buying the machines.

According to national statistics, an hour-long wash cycle will cost about $0.14 in energy; a 45-minute dry process will cost about $0.45; water and sewer will cost about $0.88. This totals $5.88 weekly, roughly $23.52 per month, or just under $300 per year for a household that does four loads of laundry weekly.

If you own the machines, doing laundry at home is substantially less expensive. Buying an appliance might range from $750 to $4000, but they typically last for about ten years. Laundry at home will be less expensive even after accounting for this increased cost.

How Much Time Do People Pass on Laundry?

  • The typical daily time spent by women washing laundry is 17 minutes.
  • Men spend an average of 4 minutes daily cleaning up after their laundry.
  • After cooking and interior cleaning, laundry is women’s third most time-consuming chore.
  • Men spend the ninth most time on daily laundry tasks, after cooking and yard or garden work.
  • Women take three times as long to do laundry as men do.

Cost Reduction Of Doing Laundry

However, there are some free ways to reduce the amount of wear and tear on your clothes and save money and energy in the laundry room. Here are some paths to save money when doing laundry.

  • Use cold water to wash.
  • Launder entire loads.
  • For your machine, dry loads of the proper size.
  • If you can, air dry.
  • While the dryer is warm, switch the loads.
  • Employ dryer balls.
  • The dryer’s lint filter should be cleaned.
  • Use the washer’s extended or high-speed spin cycle.
  • Lower the dryer’s heat setting.
  • Dry heavier cotton and towels separately from lighter clothing.
  • Use the dryer’s cool-down cycle if it has one.
  • In case your dryer has one, select the moisture sensor option.
  • Join your utility’s time-of-day programs.
  • Use a washer and dryer that have earned the ENERGY STAR label.
  • Think about a gas dryer.
  • A heat pump dryer is an example.


Q.1. How Much Will It Cost To Do A Load Of Laundry?

When you add up all these costs, a load of laundry typically costs $1.27. Laundry costs $66.04 per year at this price if you do one load a week. Laundry costs $264.16 per year if you do four loads a week.

Q.2. How Many Laundries Per Week?

The typical household washes 7.4 loads of clothes weekly, or nearly 50 pounds. Women do 88 percent of the laundry. 35% of loads are washed in cold water, 15% in hot water, and 50% of all loads are cleaned in warm water. 90% of all laundry loads are dried in a dryer.

Q.3. How Many Loads Of Laundry Do You Need Monthly For One Person?

They will complete 4 to 13 loads monthly if they do one to three weekly loads. Around 8 to 9 loads of laundry would be completed by the typical person each month.

Q.4. How Many Clothes Is A Load Of Laundry?

Only 6 pounds of clothing can fit in low-capacity top-loaders before completion. Top-loading washing machines with a medium capacity typically handle 7-8 pounds. Even with 12–15 pounds, the top loaders with the maximum capacity might function effectively. There are times when front-loading washers may hold up to 18 pounds of laundry.

Q.5. How Long Is 1 Load Of Laundry?

Laundry takes between 30 and 45 minutes on average. Most items dry in about 40 minutes, while some towels, pants, etc., take longer. Eighty minutes weekly in total.

Final Thoughts

Consider using a laundry service if you’re searching for a solution to reduce the time you spend doing laundry. Laundromats cost extra money. It will cost you about $4.25 for one load. “How Much Does Laundry Cost Per Month” has been adequately explained.

One person must do laundry at least twice a week and perhaps thrice. Combining colours and darks will decrease the load you need to run. You’ll spend roughly $87 a year at home, whereas a laundromat will cost you $442.

With the aid of some laundry specialists, it’s easy to bid farewell to your days of washing and folding. Many laundry services offer a high-quality, reasonably priced solution to your laundry problems.

Most of the time, it’s as simple as leaving your laundry at the facility and picking it up at the appointed time, folded and fresh. 

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