How Much Does A Laundry Jet Cost?

How Much Does A Laundry Jet Cost
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You have a question: How much does a laundry jet cost? You will see whole things about laundry jets and cost. Besides, you have to know a few things. Priorities straight, you want to understand what a clothing plane is.

A high-tech laundry jet, also known as a garment or textile care system, is a machine that uses special cleaning techniques to gently and effectively wash, dry, and refresh clothing and other textiles. 

These machines are intended to be unbelievably effective, utilizing less water and energy than conventional clothing machines. By reducing wear and tear, they can help your clothing last longer.

What Is a Laundry Jet?

The Laundry Jet is the first vacuum-powered chute that moves laundry to the laundry room from any room with ports. Because it does not rely solely on gravity, the Laundry Jet can be utilized regardless of whether a home is single-story or multi-level, in contrast to a conventional laundry chute. 

It can be easily integrated into both brand-new and custom-designed laundry rooms. It is a high-priority clothing item for any family or individual searching for a helpful and safe method for shipping garments to the pantry from any room in the house.

How Does It Work?

To activate the Laundry Jet system, open the port closest to you. Feed dirty clothes, bed sheets, and damp towels into the open port to be brought into the laundry room. The framework is enacted when the port is opened and deactivated when the port is shut, in this manner monitoring power and energy. 

To not interfere with daily activities in the house’s living areas, the system’s ports only make a whisper of noise. To meet the home’s needs, ports can be installed at various heights (for example: lower for those requiring more straightforward openness or higher to keep youngsters from keeping clothing inside). Laundry Jet Models-

Laundry Jet Plus

The Laundry Jet Plus is our top-of-the-line model in terms of custom style, capacity, and port count, and it seamlessly blends into any custom laundry room design.

The Plus integrates with your custom cabinetry to maximize the benefits of Laundry Jet technology while maintaining the laundry room’s overall aesthetic.

Laundry Jet Swift

Our entry-level wall-mounted Laundry Jet Swift model has up to four ports. Its distinctive design, simple-to-view rectangular Perspex viewport, and stunning gloss acrylic finish give any laundry room a futuristic and distinctive feel.

Laundry Jet Express

The Clothing Plane Express is our most reduced-cost section-level wall-mounted model with up to 2 accessible ports. The Express has an automated cycle that lets the user insert clothes, towels, or bedding and can be used with either the Lift Port or the Slide manual Port.

How Much Does A Laundry Jet Cost

As you would expect, it relies upon various variables. It all starts with the model and brand of the machine you’re interested in. The price of a laundry jet can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or more, depending on which company you choose.

Depending on the number of ports and system size to be installed, the laundry Jet systems cost between $2,400 and $15,000, according to the information received.

The conveyance and establishment of the clothing Plane framework are excluded from this cost, but the estimate of the pipes and other accessories is.


  • A laundry chute or Laundry Jet typically costs between $800 and $15,000.
  • The expense is partially settled by a few elements, including the sort of chute introduced, the number of stories in the house, and whether it is introduced in a new or existing design. 
  • A laundry chute can help with several things, including reducing the amount of clutter in the house, saving time for the residents, increasing safety, and even increasing the home’s value.
  • A laundry chute can be tricky to build, especially in an older home, so owners should employ an expert to do it for them.

The capacity and size of a laundry jet are two additional factors that can influence its price. Larger machines handling more textiles and clothing at once will typically cost more than smaller ones.

Furthermore, you can pay more if you choose a machine with extra elements, for example, worked in steam cleaning or a flaw counteraction framework.

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Advantages Of Laundry Jets And Chutes

Clothing chutes can keep grimy clothing from stacking up and turning into a blemish, and nobody needs to stroll into a room and get a whiff of filthy clothing.

A vacuum-powered laundry chute like the Laundry Jet or a traditional laundry chute can help reduce clutter, save time, increase safety, and increase the value of a home.

Decreased Mess

Installing a laundry chute is a practical way to cut down on dirty clothes in the bathroom and bedrooms. The residents won’t have to deal with overflowing hampers or baskets of dirty clothes because they can transport their clothes, bedding, and towels directly to the laundry room.

Family members can open the chute door or Laundry Jetport to change the bedding or undress at night, insert the items, and transport them immediately to the laundry area.

Time Reduction

Homeowners can save time and effort by using a laundry chute when doing the laundry. Embedding messy clothing into a customary clothing chute or Clothing Plane recovers time from gathering filthy clothing from the floor, placing it into a bin, and dragging it down the stairs to be cleaned.

After utilising a clothing chute, the home’s inhabitants can do the clothing whenever simply by strolling into the pantry and not getting some margin to help weighty bushels through the house.

Increased Security

When carrying heavy loads of laundry, the possibility of falling down the stairs or tripping over them is always possible.

It can be a chore to carry full laundry baskets to the basement washing machine or the laundry room. A Laundry Jet system or a conventional laundry chute can be installed to eliminate the need to carry heavy laundry baskets.

Increased Value Of The Home

A home’s value can rise by the same or even more than the cost of the laundry chute system.

Homeowners can increase a property’s value when the time comes to market it by adding the best laundry room accessories, a conventional laundry chute, or a vacuum-powered option to the laundry room.


How Much Does Putting a Laundry Chute in Place Cost?

Clothing chutes make moving clothing quick and simple. Do-It-Yourself clothing chute materials cost between $100-$200. About $800 is the starting price for professional chute installation. The laundry room ought to have laundry chutes above it.

Who Owns The Laundry Jet?

Drew Henry. The novel vehicle framework moving grimy clothing from any room in your home to the pantry in seconds rethinks the old gravity clothing chute utilising air power through introduced 6″ funnelling: Drew Henry, co-founder and inventor, states.

Is Laundry Jet Expensive?

A Laundry Jet typically costs between $2,400 and $15,000, depending on the number of ports and system size.

Is The Laundry Jet Real?

A modern chute with a lot of suction power is called a laundry jet. Since it doesn’t rely upon gravity like a standard clothing chute, it may be introduced in any house room and level. You can choose between four and eight ports, depending on the model.

Is Laundry Jet Loud?

Is the laundry jet a loud machine? Like a vacuum cleaner, the Clothing Plane wall-mounted unit will make some wind commotion (approx. 77 dBs). However, depending on the storage room, you can vent the diffuser on the unit outside or back to decrease the clamor it should be.

Final Tough 

Taking everything into account, how much does a laundry jet cost? The short response is that it can go from a couple thousand to a considerable number of dollars, contingent upon different elements.

Before deciding, it is essential to investigate various models and brands, consider your requirements and budget, and shop for the best price. 

Even though purchasing a laundry jet may require a significant initial investment, it can pay for itself in the long run by reducing the time, effort, and money required to maintain clothing.

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