How Does Magnetic Laundry System Work?

How Does Magnetic Laundry System Work
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What do you think of using a magnet to wash the soiled laundry? Does it truly function? 

The manufacturers of detergents want you to think that chemicals are what clean your clothes. In reality, though, this is untrue. Your garments are genuinely washed with water. Before soap even existed, what did people use to clean with? Water. To function, even detergent needs water.

To make the water molecules more effective, widely spaced, and slippery and remove dirt and grime from filthy garments, detergent, and soap merely alter the surface tension of the water.

What Is a Magnetic Laundry System?

The Magnetic Laundry System uses a unique technique for maintaining water—directly applying magnetic force. Historically, water has been referred to be the “universal solvent.” The Laundry System uses strong, precisely regulated magnetism to change the fundamental properties of water and boost its inherent solvency.

With the development of the first laundry detergent in the 1950s, it was discovered that chemicals could alter the molecular structure of water. It was recognized that its surface tension needed to be reduced to make water cleaner. The idea behind this laundry system is that you may get comparable results without using any chemicals by using our unique magnetic technology.

Magnetics has an impact on everything at the atomic level. The Magnetic Laundry System uses these concepts to clean clothes instead of harsh, expensive laundry detergent chemicals. Because a renewable, permanent magnetic source powers the Laundry System units, you will never need to purchase another set.

While laundry detergents do an excellent job of cleaning your clothes, they are not eco-friendly, and their possible toxic chemical byproducts threaten your health and the environment. The laundry system is cost-effective for both your laundry and your wallet. They are no longer wasting money on detergents yearly or monthly. The laundry balls are also quite portable and convenient at the laundrette.

Benefits Of Using A Magnetic Laundry System 

  • It helps you avoid spending money on chemical laundry detergents for the rest of your life.
  • It has a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty and cleans just as well as conventional laundry detergents.
  • Protect your body from the touch with the chemicals hidden in your clothing to prevent yourself and your family from breathing in poisonous odors.
  • You can save money on your water costs by skipping the rinse cycle.
  • Stop more harmful discharges into rivers that disrupt aquatic life’s hormones.

How To Use The  Magnetic Laundry System

Put the magnets in the water and soiled clothes, that’s all. They must only be submerged or located near water for the best efficiency. Both top- and front-loading washers can use it.

It can be attached to a water drum and left there indefinitely. We advise putting the front loader units in a pair of thick socks or your pants pockets. As a result, the machine runs more quietly.

You should use lower temperatures if you’re wearing different clothes or materials. With the Magnetic Laundry System, many customers report outstanding results even using only cold water.

During washing, the units could wind up “sticking” to one another. This is entirely normal and does not affect how effective they are together or not. 

Although it is straightforward to wave a magnet over a cup of water, more is needed to produce cleaner.  According to research, it is crucial to consider the magnets’ orientation and force and the magnetic field’s magnitude. Their work created the Magnetic Laundry System, a lifelong, nearly indestructible water restructuring system.


Electronics shouldn’t be exposed to magnetic force directly.

launderette washing machines wash laundry

Cons Of Using A Magnetic Laundry System 

Here are some disadvantages of using a magnetic laundry system.

  • The need to purchase numerous sets of magnets to do several loads of laundry at once makes this product unsuitable for people who use laundrettes.
  • Higher in cost.
  • The magnets function best in hot water, which is slightly more expensive and less environmentally friendly than cold water.
  • The same as with regular detergents, you may still need to use boosters for difficult stains.
  • It may take some time to get used to not using the soap.
  • It is less popular than the other laundry ingredients. 


 What Sort Of Benefits Can I Expect With The Magnetic Laundry System? 

Many advantages. Most importantly, you owe it to your health to switch to our non-chemical alternative product if you or anybody in your family has detergent-related sensitivities, including skin conditions or respiratory difficulties.

Financially, you ought to save hundreds of dollars a year on detergents and much more if you skip the rinse cycle as you wouldn’t need it any longer (which would also save gallons of water per cycle, an essential portion of our natural resources). You’ll be able to do your laundry more quickly, with less effort, and without carrying heavy detergent containers back and forth from the shop each time.

Because fewer harsh chemicals are present, your clothes, which are an expensive investment, might last much longer. Lowering the contaminants in the house makes your home more “green” and kid-friendly. Reducing chemical waste and our reliance on imported petrochemicals (yes, the detergents you use are made of petrochemicals) might have a significant positive environmental impact. 

Can The Laundry System Make My Clothes Clean And Bright Like Detergents Do?

How you define “clean” and “bright” will determine this. There are a few elements to consider when comparing the Magnetic washing System to washing detergent. Detergents are not soap, to start with. These compounds, which are petrochemical surfactants made directly from crude oil, are made to remain in your garments after washing them.

They also leave behind substances known as “optical brighteners,” artificial compounds that make clothing appear “brighter” to the eye by reflecting more light. A garment doesn’t get cleaner if you add chemical mirrors.

While the cleanliness of the clothing is unaffected, these synthetic compounds convert UV light wavelengths into visible light, giving the appearance that freshly laundered clothing looks whiter. They have been discovered to mutate microorganisms and to be hazardous to fish. Additionally, they can trigger allergic reactions in the skin that may subsequently be exposed to sunlight.

What Temperature Should The Water Be? Can I Use Hot, Warm, And Cold Water At My Own Discretion? 

Whether using detergent or the laundry system, hot water is typically the ideal temperature for the cleanest garments. Consider this as you wash your dishes in the sink. While stuck-on food can be cleaned with cold water, hot water removes the food more quickly and effectively while using less water. Your washing machine does the same thing.

You may, however, continue to utilize lower temps if different clothing and materials call for it. Several say using only cold water with the laundry system has produced outstanding results. For the reasons mentioned above, we still prefer to advise users to use hot water. Still, you can experiment with utilizing the product in several ways and select the one that suits your needs best. 

How Does A Magnet Work In A Washing Machine?

In a washing machine, a magnet is installed on the moving dial, and the Hall effect sensor is put on a printed circuit board in the electronics panel or onto the appliance’s frame. The magnetic field the Hall effect sensor senses varies when the dial is turned because the magnet rotates.

Do Magnets Lose Energy?

Temperature variations can cause magnets to lose their magnetic charge. Extreme temperatures might result in either short-term or long-term losses. Magnets may momentarily lose force when heated, but after being cooled to their ideal operating temperatures, they restore this force.


It’s a significant technological development that you can now wash your clothing without harsh chemical detergents. Instead of using synthetic chemicals that are not renewable and may have adverse environmental effects, we firmly think that laundry should be done using a natural technique that can last for many decades.

A typical magnetic system is not the Magnetic Laundry System. It is constructed with unique materials created, especially for washing machines. 

In conclusion, the Magnetic Laundry System can be your best product if you want a new laundry system that replaces detergent. 

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