How Do I Make Storage in My Small Laundry Room?

How Do I Make Storage in My Small Laundry Room
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An organized and practical area helps in a more seamless daily routine in today’s fast-paced world. The laundry room is one place that gets neglected quite frequently. You probably don’t enjoy doing laundry very much, and if your space is limited, the activity may seem considerably more difficult.

A solid storage system is essential to making your small laundry room practical if you work with limited space. These space-saving solutions will increase the usable space in your laundry room, whether hidden storage cabinets or stacked washers and dryers.  

Clever Ways To Make Storage In A Small Laundry Room

This article will guide you through practical steps to make the most out of your small laundry room

Organised Baskets:

To keep your laundry supplies, such as dryer sheets, stain sticks, and lint rollers, organised and simple to find, use compact woven and fabric baskets. Another easy and inexpensive option to add colour and texture to your laundry room is with decorative storage bins. In order to make washing and folding everyone’s clothes easier, label larger baskets with each member of your family’s name.

Take it a step further and create separate bins for articles that should only be hand-washed, machine-washed, or both. Accidents and laundry disasters are less likely to occur when your laundry heaps are organised.

A Build In Work Table:

In a laundry room, work tables and rolling carts come in handy. Use them to lay wet clothing flat for gentle drying, iron wrinkled shirts and blouses, and sort and fold clothing.

Consider building a counter on top of your washer and dryer if you have front-loading appliances and lack the space for a small table.

You might want to conceal the washer and dryer when not in use if the laundry area also acts as a mudroom, restroom, or another multifunctional area. You can put your equipment in washer and dryer cupboards with opaque doors. For additional storage, add a counter or more cabinets.

Assess Your Spaces :

It’s critical to precisely measure your area before beginning any organisation endeavour. Take note of the room’s measurements, including its height, breadth, and depth. Determine the crucial places in your laundry room that require improvement. This could contain a folding station as well as storage for detergents, cleaning supplies, and laundry baskets.

Use Vertical Spases:

Install strong wall-mounted shelves to make more room on the floor. Detergents, fabric softeners, and other cleaning goods can be stored on these shelves. For the purpose of storing objects that aren’t used regularly, think about adding above cabinets. This is a great technique to make the most of vertical space.

Multi-Functional Furniture:

Invest in a folding counter or table that may be used as a workspace and a container for items. Simply fold it down when not in use to conserve space. Choose cabinets with drawers or pull-out baskets. These keep things nicely organised while allowing you simple access to them. 

Space Saving Appliances:

Stackable washer and dryer sets could be a good investment if your laundry area is cramped. This arrangement makes room on the floor for additional storage options. Appliances that can fit into tiny spaces should be slender or compact. These are capable of being equally effective as their bigger counterparts.

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Creat Storage Solutions:

To air-dry clothing or store recently ironed clothing, install racks or hanging rods. By doing so, vertical space is maximised and clothing is kept organised. To store small metal objects like scissors, keys, or even cleaning tools, use magnetic strips and hooks.

Organise Small Items:

To neatly arrange little goods like buttons, thread, and pins, use drawer dividers. Clear containers are ideal for storing things like sewing materials or washing pods. This reduces clutter and makes it simple to see what you have.

Multi Purpose Laundry Room Island:

If your space is big enough, adding an island is another fantastic storage suggestion for the laundry room. An island with many uses in the laundry room provides additional workspace and storage. The island’s base can be constructed to serve a number of purposes. For additional washing and sewing supplies, add more drawers.

Functional pullouts with an ironing board and hanging racks offer storage.The island countertop can be utilised as a folding station as well as a convenient place to organise and fix your clothes.  Your main countertop area can be brightened with under-cabinet lights to make working more comfortable. An attractive pendant or chandelier can be used above the island to emulate this style of task lighting.

Space Saving Ironing Board:

We don’t give our ironing boards much thought. Normally, they are kept in a closet or propped up against a wall in the laundry room’s nook. Those who are more organised might hang them from a wall hook or rack. Why not employ a cleverer approach of ironing board storage that also makes it simpler to use?

One solution is to use pull-out ironing boards that are built into a cabinet drawer. Another choice is to have fold-down ironing boards that are integrated into the wall or placed on the wall. The ironing board may be adjusted to the ideal height by simply flipping it downward.

The following ways pullout and fold-down ironing boards enhance a laundry room:

  1. Compared to foldable standalone ironing boards, they take up less room and are more stable.
  1. Pullout and built-in ironing boards remain hidden while not in use, which reduces the inconvenience of setting them up and the risk of pinching your fingers.


Q1. How Do I Add Storage To My Laundry?

Consider practical storage options for the laundry room, such as magnetic bins, rolling carts, and built racks for hanging clothes. Make use of special bins for lint and socks that are just waiting to be paired off again. To maximise functionality, use creative small-space storage solutions.

Q2. How Do I Style My Laundry Room?

Include a Mini Shelf. Create a series of little floating shelves on either side of the sink to make your laundry room feel lighter and airier. Small pieces of artwork, canisters, and vibrant bowls filled with thread and clothespins can all be arranged in them.

Q3. Where Should I Store Dirty Laundry In A Small Apartment?

Dressers have the capacity to contain both clean and filthy garments. Consider purchasing additional pieces of furniture such open ottomans, credenzas, and storage benches that can also be used as storage. Anywhere in the house can be used to keep laundry. Rack up a wall of shelves and place clothing in attractive boxes.

Q4. What Kills Bugs In Laundry?

While water alone can eliminate bed bugs, incorporating heat enhances the effectiveness. After completing the wash cycle, transfer your laundry to the dryer. For optimal outcomes, it’s recommended to use a dryer for both clothing and linens, rather than relying on air-drying. Select the highest temperature setting available on your dryer.

Q5. How Do You Keep Dirty Clothes From Smelling In A Room?

If investing in a dehumidifier doesn’t align with your budget, fret not! A simple household item like baking soda can come to the rescue. That unassuming box typically found in your refrigerator can do wonders in mitigating moisture levels and eliminating unpleasant odors within your laundry room.

Especially if your space lacks proper ventilation or if the setup is situated in an unfinished basement, consider opting for a refillable moisture absorber from the trusted brand, Arm & Hammer. This reliable solution ensures a consistently dry and odor-free environment, making it a valuable addition to any laundry area.


Through careful consideration and innovative strategies, it’s entirely possible to turn even the tiniest laundry room into a remarkably efficient and well-organized space.

By adopting a strategic approach that capitalizes on vertical storage solutions, investing in versatile furniture pieces, and integrating ingenious storage hacks, you have the power to metamorphose your laundry room into a seamlessly efficient oasis of functionality.

This transformation not only optimizes the utility of the space but also elevates the overall aesthetic and usability, proving that size should never limit the potential of any room in your home.

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