Does Fabric Softener Ruin Your Washing Machine?

Does Fabric Softener Ruin Your Washing Machine
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Fabric softener is a thick and acidic chemical solution. It helps soften the clothes, fight wrinkles, and reduce static, adding a soft touch and fresh scent to your laundry. It is applied to laundry during the rinse cycle in a washing. It’s better to be used according to directions, or it might affect the washed fabric.

Is It Necessary To Use Fabric Softener?

The answer is ‘NO.’ It’s not compulsory to use fabric softener in your wash. It doesn’t contribute to the washing or cleaning cycle, so you need not worry about stain removal or lingering odors if you leave it out. It only helps to make the fabric softener.

Don’t Put Fabric Softener Directly Into The Washing Machine

Dilution is a must because it’s thick. So let’s leave this out of the drum. We need to mix the thick softener with water in any dispenser. During the last or final rinse cycle, we must pour it into the clothes and wait for the outcome. 

Steps Of Using Fabric Softener In The Washing Machine

During the rinse cycle, the fabric softener is used. The procedure that is important to follow-

  • Measure: Use the lid of the cap to measure the amount of softener
  • Add: Pour it into your washer’s dispenser tray
  • Enjoy: Let it work now, making fabrics look, feel, and smell better.

Things That Are Damaging The Washing Machine

Every chemical is harmful. Thus fabric chemicals being acidic affects the machine. The cause of damages are –

  • Usage of too much detergent
  • Cram the washing machine full
  • Leaving wet clothes in it 
  • Overloading your dryer
  • Overusing dryer sheets
  • Domixing items.Putting 
  • Lingerie in it.

Things Should Never Be Put In A Washing Machine

Only some things are suitable for the machine. So avoiding a few elements is necessary or might damage the machine. A few of them are given below-

  • Delicate Embellish.
  • Towel
  • Lingerie.
  • Coins
  • Baby socks.
  • Animal hair–covered clothing.
  • Too much laundry altogether.
  • Shoes of Leather.
  • Flammable Stains. 
  • Keys.

How Do I Get Fabric Softener Out Of My Washing Machine?

Does Fabric Softener Ruin Your Washing Machine 1

Add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle, stop the washer, and let the laundry soak for an hour before completing the rinse cycle. Use an extra rinse cycle if your washing machine has one, but don’t add anything to the extra rinse.

Skip Using Fabric Softener In Baby Items

Fabric softener is an acidic chemical, so it’s better not to use it on baby items. Baby clothes are manufactured with flame-resistant materials, so fabric softener reduces their effectiveness and makes them harsh for babies. We must remember that babies have the most sensitive skin, so using anything on their clothes won’t be wise.

Is Fabric Softener an Optional In The Washing Cycle?

Yes, it is optional for the laundry. There are few fabrics where we can only use softeners. That should be used on cotton fabrics to make them softer. 

It is not formulated to clean and remove the stain; it helps prevent statics. As it is only used during the rinsing cycle, so has no seismicity in the washing procedure.

The Less Importance Of Fabric Softener 

It doesn’t contribute to washing and cleaning, so it is less important. We must worry about lingering odors or removal of stains if we leave them out. It applies a waxy coating that ruins clothes over time.

Problems With Fabric Softener

It contains acidic phthalates and galactosides, accumulating in the body, and can cause allergies and skin irritations. It can also cause breathing issues and reproductive harm. For these reasons, only some people use softeners.

What Happens If You Put Too Much Fabric Softener In The Washing Machine?

Excess use of fabric softener may damage your washing machine over timeThis is because it applies a thin, waxy coating to your laundry and may eventually leave stains on clothes which can ruin them. Clothes can begin to stink and make them unusable.

Fabric Softeners Are Bad For The Environment

It often contains chemicals like petroleum, which are not biodegradable and are harmful to general aquatic life after they’re washed down. I found no use for this; only softening using such acidic chemicals is unworthy. 


Is Fabric Softeners Good For Washing Machines?

It contains animal fat and acidic chemicals that might damage the machine. It can also increase the mold in the machine, and it can get ruined over time.

Which Softener Is Mostly Used In Washing Machines?

Among the three softeners, the most used softener is the liquid-based one. That is the most expensive one and has a fragrance added to it. 

Is It Necessary To Add Fabric Softener While Washing By Machine?

No, there is nothing mandatory. It fully depends on the person washing the cloth. If they find the necessity, then they can use it. During the washing cycle, it has no use; only during the rinse cycle is it used.

Is Fabric Softeners Bad For The Skin?

Every chemical harms the skin, and the same goes for this. Thus it has to be very nicely rinsed after the soaking procedure. Only then might it not affect the skin.

Can We Use Softener And Detergent Together In The Washing Machine?

It’s a big No because both are different substances and have their work. If both are added, then non of the work will be accomplished. For perfect effectiveness, it has to be used individually. 


In the end, properly using such products may bring an excellent result.

There is a fixed amount that should be maintained. Thus it will make it harmless, but using it inappropriately may cause huge issues. By reading the above discussion, one can easily have an ideal concept about does fabric softeners ruin your washing machine.

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