Does Fabric Softener Have Bleach in It?

Does Fabric Softener Have Bleach in It
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In our daily busy life laundry process cuts a big amount of our valuable time. To save some extra time you might be thinking of merging the use of bleach and fabric softener. That’s why the question arises:

Does fabric softener have bleach in it? No, fabric softener doesn’t have bleach in them because they are completely different components and contain different chemical formulas. Besides, the purposes of the products are also quite different. So, you can’t even mix them together. 

I think you’ve got the basic idea but there is more to learn. To learn everything properly you will have to go deeper into the chemical reactions. Well, I’ve described them all in this article. So, continue reading and get over your confusion properly. 

Does Fabric Softener Have Bleach in it?

The straightforward answer to this question is NO. Fabric softener doesn’t contain bleach (NaClO) in it. The main reason behind this is the two cleaning products are used for different purposes. 

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Now you may be thinking, is the answer the same for different types of fabric softeners? 

Well, there are generally 2 types of fabric softeners; Cationic fabric softeners and Anionic fabric softeners. And none of them contain bleach in it. Below I’ve explained this answer individually. But before that, a quick overview table is given for you. So, let’s read on. 

Types of Fabric SoftenersContains Bleach
Cationic fabric softenersNo
Anionic fabric softeners No

Do Cationic Fabric Softeners have Bleach in it?

No, cationic fabric softeners don’t have bleach in it. The main ingredient of cationic or rinse-cycle softeners is cationic surfactants (C H ClN). Aside from the main ingredient, it is formulated with other chemical properties but bleach isn’t available among them. The rinse-cycle softeners work great for natural fibers such as cotton and wool. However, it won’t work for synthetic fibers. 

Do Anionic Fabric Softeners have Bleach in it?

No, anionic fabric softeners also don’t contain bleach in it. Anionic fabric softener contains Anionic surfactants (C H NaO) and some other chemical properties. And bleach is not available among them. 

Cationic and anionic softeners are also used for different purposes. And they are not generally compatible with each other. 

So, it’s very clear that even different types of softeners are made of different properties and can’t be used as substitutions. So, it’s obvious that you won’t find bleach in fabric softeners.

Can You Mix Bleach and Fabric softener?

So far you know that fabric softeners don’t contain bleach. So, next, you might be thinking about whether you can mix fabric softeners and bleach.

No, you can’t mix fabric softener and bleach because of different reasons. Mainly they are not compatible with each other and cause damage to the garment if they are used together.

Can You Mix Bleach and Fabric softener

Below I’ve elaborately explained 3 main reasons behind this. 

Reason 1: Compatibility Issue

First of all, fabric softeners aren’t compatible with bleach because they have different chemical properties. So, if you mix them together then it will cause a chemical reaction that will leach deadly chlorine.

Reason 2: Destroy the Garment

The next reason is if you try mixing bleach with fabric softener, then it’ll eventually destroy the weave of the product. But how?

If you do so then the oxidative components of the product will be residual at full strength. And it’ll convert the cellulose fibers of the weave into Oxycellulose. As a consequence, the weave will be destroyed rapidly and the garment will not last long. 

Reason 3: Purposes are Different

And the final reason is the purpose of using the products. We use fabric softeners for coating garments with an oily film. It makes them soft to the touch and gives them a distinctive scent. On the other hand, Bleach uses a formula that acts as a disinfectant, stain remover, and brightener. 

So, it’s clear that both of them carry different roles during the laundry process. That’s why you can’t mix them together. Instead, I would suggest if you need to use both of the products use them separately, 


Does detergent contain bleach?

Yes, most premium laundry detergents contain sodium percarbonate (Na2CO3·1.5H2O2) which is an oxygen-based bleach. Aside from that the detergents also contain TAED to activate the bleach at a lower temperature. But keep in mind, you’ll also find detergents that don’t contain bleach. 

Which components does Fabric Softener contain?

Fabric softeners include different complex components. The core ingredient here is cationic surfactants (C H ClN). Other than that it includes, Triethanolamine quat (TEAQ), Dimethyl ammonium chloride (DEEDMAC), and others.

Should you apply bleach first or softener?

Yes, apply bleach first and then softener. However, if you’re using a washing machine the machine will do it automatically. 

Last Words

By now you’ve got the answer to the question – Does fabric softener have bleach in it?

Once again, No, fabric softeners don’t contain bleach because their purpose is quite different, And I also suggest don’t mix them together just to save a little amount of time. The consequence will be bad and your garment will soon fall apart

That’s all for now. Always stay conscious while cleaning and happy laundering!

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