Can You Mix Laundry Sanitizer with Fabric Softener? 

Can You Mix Laundry Sanitizer with Fabric Softener
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Who doesn’t want fresh clothes? It helps to make our minds joyful, after all. Laundry sanitizer and fabric softener are one of the hyped products in recent times. But can you mix laundry sanitizer with fabric softener for your clothes? 

Well, yes, you can. All you need is instruction to use it properly to make your clothes germ-free and clean. On the other hand, fabric softener makes your clothes new and vibrant. 

Let’s dive right into the method to know more about it. 

Is It Possible to Mix Laundry Sanitizer with Fabric Softener? 

No, you cannot use Laundry sanitizer and fabric softener together. It is not a good idea to mix them because they are not compatible with each other. If you mix them, they don’t work how they are supposed to. They cannot soften, clean, or sanitize clothes properly. 

Laundry sanitizer needs to be used to kill the bacteria in your clothes. On the other hand, fabric softener is to soften the texture of the clothes. To get the total benefit of these two products, you must stop using laundry sanitizer and fabric softener together. 

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If Yes- How Do You Use Laundry Sanitizer And Fabric Softener Together? 

Using laundry sanitizer and fabric softener together isn’t a good option; you should avoid it. However, you can use them if you are aware of the proper way of using them. 

Consider it a tip; first, add laundry sanitizer and detergent to your washing machine. Wash the clothes to make them clean, remove stains, and sanitize simultaneously. After that, add some fabric softener to make it fresh and softer. It also keeps the clothes less wrinkled and new-looking. Get through all instructions, then start using them. 

Do Laundry Sanitizer Soften Fabric? 

Laundry sanitizer cannot soften the fabric. Use a laundry sanitizer to make the fabric free of bacteria and germs. It is the only purpose of using a laundry sanitizer. It cannot soften the fabric. Check the directions correctly to make good use of them. 

Laundry Sanitizer Ingredients 

Talking about laundry sanitizer, it does have some chemicals. However, there are some good-quality laundry sanitizers with less harmful chemicals. When using a laundry sanitizer, it works well for your clothes as it is specifically made for this purpose. So, it is safe for clothes. 

Can You Mix Laundry Sanitizer with Fabric Softener
Can You Mix Laundry Sanitizer with Fabric Softener

The primary agent of laundry sanitizer is hydrogen peroxide. We all know how effectively hydrogen peroxide cleans any stubborn stains and dirt. It is a powerful agent to break down dirt easily. Along with that, there is a fragrance booster in it that makes it smell fresh. 

What Should You Know Before Using Laundry Sanitizer? 

There are a few things to know before using laundry sanitizer. It’s about being concerned about safety measures, the proper way of using them, and many more. You must be careful when using the product. Laundry sanitizer is a great product to kill germs in your clothes. But it cannot clean them as it is not a cleaning agent like detergent. 

So, you shouldn’t use it to clean your clothes. Use it with detergent. Also, avoid using laundry sanitizer on delicate fabrics because it can damage the quality. Get through the directions of the product, then use it accordingly. 

Further, laundry sanitizer is a bit tricky if you are not careful enough. It can create allergic reactions because it includes QACs. If you face cough and breathing problems, don’t use this product. 

How to Use Laundry Sanitizer? 

The process of using the laundry sanitizer is super easy. It is an excellent way to keep your clothes bacteria-free. The primary method of using a laundry sanitizer is adding a generous amount to the washing machine. Add some regular laundry detergent and add your clothes to clean regularly. 

Another way is, you can also spray laundry sanitizer and pour it onto fabrics before washing them. This is how you can use laundry sanitizer on your clothes to make them free of bacteria. 

Why Do You Need Laundry Sanitizer? 

Laundry sanitizer is used to sanitize the clothes. You need to use laundry sanitizer to make your clothes up to 99.9% bacteria and fungi-free. When washing the clothes, use any chemical-free laundry sanitizer with detergent. Take any sanitizer that is safe for your skin and fabric. 

Can You Use Laundry Sanitizer Instead of Fabric Softener? 

Yes, you can use laundry sanitizer instead of fabric softener. It is a good alternative because it makes the clothes bacteria-free and safe for the skin. If you don’t like softener fragrances, you can use laundry sanitizer for your clothes, and that is enough. 

Also, if you have allergies to fabric softeners, go for laundry sanitizer, and you won’t face this issue. The reason is fabric softener has some chemicals that can be irritating to your skin. Avoid using it and start using laundry sanitizer for your clothes. 

Can You Mix Detergent And Sanitizer? 

Yes, you can mix laundry detergent and sanitizer. It is an excellent technique to save time and do laundry as quickly as possible. Simply mix them and use the mixture to clean your clothes. Besides, you can use the mixture to clean your house as well. 

The reason is that the sanitizer can kill bacteria and protect the areas from building new ones. Check the method to use it properly to get better results. 


Can I use Clorox laundry sanitizer with fabric softener? 

Clorox laundry sanitizer is a great option to use with fabric softener. It makes your clothes clean and fresh-looking too. 

What should not be added to the fabric softener?

Fabric softener is for clothes. But not all materials are suitable for the product, such as any sportswear, water-repellent fabric, flame-resistant clothing, towels, and any kind of microfibers that are not suitable for fabric softener. 

Does laundry sanitizer make clothes smell better?

Laundry sanitizer not only makes clothes germ and bacteria-free but makes them smell and look fresh. So, if you haven’t already started using a laundry sanitizer, start using it now. 

Wrap Up 

Now that you know the various methods of using laundry sanitizer and fabric softener, go with the suitable process you are comfortable with. Having clean clothes is what you want.

Fresh clothes are essential as it makes you cheerful and mentally jolly. So, can you mix laundry sanitizer with fabric softener? 

Yes, for sure. Check the entire method of using it to get satisfactory outcomes. 

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