Can You bleach 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton?

Can You bleach 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton
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To simply answer the question, can you bleach 65% polyester and 35% cotton? Yes, you can. Now, to understand how you can bleach 65% polyester and 35% cotton, you have to understand how bleaching works and how bleaching reacts to different fabrics.

You need to know how polyester and cotton will react with bleach. You need to understand the process of bleaching. Why do we bleach and what happens when we bleach? 

In this following article, I will describe the entire bleach process from head to toe. And if you carefully read this article, you will know exactly how to bleach. Especially how to bleach 65% polyester and 35% cotton fabrics.

Can You Bleach Polyester?

Yes, you can bleach polyester. Polyester fabric is not resistant to bleach. The bleach will remove the polyester’s color and stains. But if it’s not used correctly, the bleach can ruin the polyester fabric. You should not use chlorine bleach while bleaching polyester.

You should use oxygen bleach while bleaching polyester fabric. Chlorine bleach is not safe for polyester as it can damage the fabric. So, yes, you can Bleach your polyester, but you need to be very careful. If you follow the instructions that are given below then you can easily bleach the polyester fabric.

But if you don’t follow the instructions properly or understand the method correctly you can damage your clothes, and that’s the last thing you want to do. Chlorine bleach erupts the polyester fabric if not used correctly.

To Bleach polyester fabric you can also use a natural method which is lemon juice. This method will not damage your fabric at all.  

What Happens When You Use Chlorine Bleach for Polyester?

As you may know, there are two types of bleach. One is chlorine bleach, and the other is oxygen bleach. We bleach our fabric to remove the color or stain from the fabric. And to remove the color from the fabric, many times we use chlorine bleach.

But if you use chlorine bleach on polyester, we can be left with a yellowish residue. This happens because the chemicals in chlorine bleach and the polyester reacts together and creates a yellowish tint. So you will be left with a yellow fabric rather than a whiter fabric. 

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Purple Polyester Fabric | By Sherrie Thai of ShaireProductio… | Flickr

Now, what should you do to get rid of this yellowish tint? The one and most logical thing to do here is to use oxygen bleach for your polyester. But you can also use lemon juice and borax. Lemon juice and borax are considered to remove this yellowish tint.

You have to make a solution of lemon juice and borax and apply that solution to your polyester after you have bleached it with chlorine bleach. And it will remove the yellowish tint. But it will not work in one application of the solution. You may have to apply the solution several times to get rid of this yellowish tint.

And if you don’t want to make this solution then you can always go for oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach will not disturb your polyester and will not give you any yellowish tint. So, I prefer to use oxygen bleach for my polyester.

How to Bleach Polyester?

When you are reaching any fabric you should always look at the care label first. If it says on the care label not to use any bleach then you should not use any bleach in that fabric. If you buy any fabric and the care label says not to use any bleach then using bleach will be at your own risk.

Some care labels also say not to use chlorine bleach. In that scenario, you should go for oxygen bleach. Moreover, I would suggest always using chlorine oxygen bleach for your polyester because chlorine bleach and polyester fibers react together, and thus, they have a fair chance of damaging your fabric.

Even if I prefer using only oxygen bleach in your polyester, I am going to show you how to use both oxygen bleach and chlorine bleach in your polyester. 

Using Chlorine Bleach

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If you don’t use chlorine bleach properly you can damage your polyester very easily. You should bleach the polyester with chlorine very carefully. This bleaching process is not that complicated. I have mentioned detailed steps to bleach using chlorine bleach below. You just have to follow these steps carefully.

  • You need to make a bleach and water solution. Make this solution only if your clothes are very stained. To make this solution, use ¼ cup of bleach and a gallon of water. Mix the water and bleach to make this solution. You have to soak your clothes in this solution for 5 minutes. You must not soak the clothes for more than 5 minutes in the solution. If you do so, your clothes can get damaged. 
  • You can use a bleach pen for smaller stains. If your clothes are not heavily stained and they have only a few stains here and there, you can use a bleach pen to remove the stains. If you use a bleach solution for smaller stains, there is a possibility of damaging the clothes. But you must not pour undiluted bleach on the stain. 
  • After you have bleached you need to wash the clothes. So, wash the clothes as instructed on the care label. You can add ¾ bleach to the bleach dispenser when washing the clothes. 

Using Oxygen Bleach  

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How to Use Oxygen Bleach for Laundry and Stain Removal

Oxygen bleach is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. And this mixture forms sodium percarbonate. It comes in powder form. It is way safer than chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach has sodium hypochlorite, an active ingredient that turns fabric yellow. 

Using oxygen bleach is relatively easy. And the instructions for using oxygen bleach are given below.

  • You have to mix the bleach with water. You need to mix the bleach with water as instructed in the package. If you have a heavy stain, you can add up to one cup of bleach with a gallon of water. 
  • You need to soak the fabric in the bleach water solution for about an hour or as instructed in the package. Oxygen bleach will not harm your clothes like chlorine bleach. So, you can soak the cloth in the bleach for more than an hour. You can even soak it overnight. 
  • And the last step is to wash the clothes. You have to wash the clothes after bleaching. You can also add 1 cup of bleach while washing to give the clothes extra whiteness. 

Can You Bleach Cotton?

Yes, you can bleach cotton fabrics. Cotton fabrics are one of the best fabrics to bleach. Bleaching cotton will not damage your fabric. It will stay put and whiten your fabric. The process of bleaching itself is a bit dangerous if not done properly.

But if you can bleach properly then cotton is the least of your worries. You can safely bleach cotton fabrics.  

How to Bleach Cotton?

Bleaching cotton is similar to bleaching polyester. The steps are not that different. You just need to make sure to follow the instructions on the package. The steps are the same, but the measurements sometimes differ from different types of bleach. 

You need to dilute the bleach and make a solution of bleach and apply the bleach to the stained area. And then keep the bleach in for the mentioned time in the package. And then you have to wash the cloth before using it. You can add additional bleach while washing. 

Can You Bleach 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton?

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Brown Cotton Fabric | By Sherrie Thai of ShaireProductions. … | Flickr

Yes, you can bleach 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Cotton reacts very well with bleach. Even polyester reacts greatly with bleach. So, if your fabric is 65% polyester and 35% cotton, you can easily bleach that fabric. You can bleach polyester. And you also can bleach cotton. So, you can surely bleach a fabric that contains both polyester and cotton. 

To bleach 65% polyester and 35% cotton, you have to follow the basic rules of bleaching polyester and cotton fabrics. First, you need to choose whether you’re going to use chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach.

And then you can easily bleach your cloth by following the given instructions for bleaching using chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach. Before bleaching the entire cloth, I would recommend using a sample piece to see how the bleach reacts. 

You just need to make the bleach solution with water and apply the bleach where you’d like to bleach. And then let it sit for some time. How much time it will sit for will depend on the type of bleach you are using.

I’ve already mentioned the time amount before while describing how to use chlorine and oxygen bleach. And after bleaching, you need to wash your clothes as instructed. And you’ll have your 65% polyester and 35% cotton bleached.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about bleaching polyester and cotton fabrics.

Can you remove the color from the polyester?

Yes, you can remove the color from polyester by bleaching. Bleaching removes stains and marks from your clothes, and it also removes color from the fabric. Polyester reacts fairly well with bleach. So, if used correctly, you can get your desired color by bleaching polyester.

Can you use a rit color remover in polyester?

You can use rit color remover in polyester. Rit color remover is a very common and well-known non-chlorine bleach that does not harm your fabric fibers like chlorine bleach does. So, it is beneficial to use a rit color remover in polyester. 

Which fabric is best for bleaching?

Those fabrics that do not weaken or fade when exposed to bleach are the ones that are best for bleaching. If you want to bleach to sanitize your fabric then you can use nylon, acrylic, polyethylene, and polypropylene.

These fabrics can be used for only sanitizing purposes. But if you want to bleach to remove stains or color then cotton, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics. 

Should you bleach before or after sublimation?

You can bleach both before and after sublimation. Bleaching before sublimation will give you more of a worn look.

And on the other hand sublimation after bleaching will give you more of a more vibrant look. I’ve already mentioned this before when I explained sublimation. It just depends on which look you are going for.  

How long does the bleaching process take?

The bleaching process takes about 5 minutes if done with chlorine bleach. More than 5 minutes will start damaging your fabric. But if you are using oxygen bleach, it will take you about an hour to bleach.

And you can bleach for more than an hour as well. And it will not damage the fabric. You should also keep an eye on the instructions that are given in the bleach packet. You should follow the instructions that are mentioned in the packet. 


I hope this article was useful to you. If you read this article thoroughly and carefully, you won’t face any problems bleaching your polyester and cotton clothes. Thank you. 

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