Can I Use Lumpy Fabric Softener?

Can I Use Lumpy Fabric Softener
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It’s very common to find fabric softeners lumpy. The same incident might happen to you, and that’s why you’re here.

So holding the bottle of the fabric softeners, you may be asking – can I use lumpy fabric softener?

No, you can’t use lumpy fabric softeners. The first reason is it won’t dissolve properly. Next, the lumpy softener can damage the clothing and washing machine. Finally, it won’t be able to coat the fabric evenly.

It’s just some straightforward reasons. To learn about them properly, you should go through this whole article. 

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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Lumpy Fabric Soften

This is the main segment. Here I’ve explained 5 reasons why you should avoid using lumpy fabric softeners. So, let’s check them out.

Won’t dissolveLeaves residue on your clothes
Ineffective SofteningCan’t coat the fabric evenly
Clog the dispenserDamage the Washing machine
Get stuck in the foldsDamages the Clothing

Reason 1: Dissolving Issue

The first issue is related to dissolving. Fabric softener is typically added to the rinse cycle of a wash and should be in liquid form. Now, if the softener is lumpy, there’s a possibility that it won’t dissolve properly. Moreover, it can leave residue on your clothes or in the washing machine.

Reason 2: Ineffective Softening

The second reason is very general. We know fabric softener works by coating the fibers of your clothes with a thin layer of lubrication. Now, if the softener is lumpy, it can’t coat the fabric evenly, which results in uneven softening.

Reason 3: Damage to the Washing Machine

If the lumpy fabric softener does not dissolve properly, it could clog the dispenser or cause build-up in the washing machine, potentially causing damage to the appliance.

Reason 4: Damage to clothing

This is the final reason. Lumpy fabric softener could potentially clog the fabric softener dispenser or get stuck in the folds of your clothing. And it can potentially cause damage to the fabric.

Why Is Your Fabric Softener Lumpy?

To avoid the problem once again, it’s important for you to know the reason why your fabric softener is lumpy. 

Maybe you are storing the fabric softener in the wrong way. Or it may expire. Sometimes, it gets lumpy because of getting into contact with other contaminations.

Below, I’m adding the reasons in more detail. 

Can I Use Lumpy Fabric Softener 1

Incorrect Storage

If your fabric softener has been stored in a cold place, it can become thick and lumpy. It’s always suggested to store fabric softener in a cool and dry white where sunlight can’t enter. 

Old or Expired Fabric Softener

Your Fabric softener can expire or become less effective over time. Well, this isn’t always an issue. However, if it’s the issue then you will have to purchase a new one.


If the fabric softener has come into contact with water or other contaminants, it can become lumpy. So, always be conscious while using it.

How to Fix Lumpy Fabric Softeners

Here, I’m with good news. You don’t have to worry if your fabric softener is lumpy. You can fix lumpy fabric softeners in different ways. Below I am adding 3 methods to fix lumpy fabric softeners. 

Use Boiling Water

The easiest solution here is to use boiling water. Take the softener into a cup and add 1-2 tablespoons of boiling water into it. 

Heat the Container of Fabric Softener

There are generally 2 ways to heat the container. Let’s get them one by one.

Use Microwave

Microwave is the easiest solution to heat the bottle/container of the fabric softener. Just microwave them for 5-10 seconds.

Use Warm Water

If you don’t have access to a microwave, then you can simply use warm water. Take a bowl and fill it with warm water. Next, put the container into the bowl and wait for a few minutes. Hopefully, the lumpy fabric softeners will get back to their normal form.

Use Distilled Vinegar

If you’ve vinegar in the house, then you can correct the lumpy softeners in a minute. 

Get a cup and pour half a cup of lumpy softener. Now pour 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar into it. Shake it for a few seconds, and it should return to its normal form.

Use Another Container

This is another easy method though I won’t say it always works. Let’s see how to do it.

First, get a dry and clean container/Bottle. Then transfer the fabric softener to the container. Finally, make sure to tightly seal the container/bottle. Also, make sure to seal it properly when not in use.

NB: If your fabric softener is lumpy due to the date expiration, then none of the above solutions will work. Also, it’s not recommended to use it again. 

Final Verdict

The answer to the question – can I use lumpy fabric softener, should now be clear.

Once again, it’s not recommended to use, and if you do so, I have shown the consequences. However, check the date of the softener. If it’s not expired, then I recommend trying the solutions. I hope it’ll work then.

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