Can I Use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner In My Dishwasher?

Can I Use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner In My Dishwasher
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Welcome to our blog, where we hope to solve the puzzles around common cleaning problems! Today, we answer the query circling people’s minds: “Can I use Affresh washing machine cleaner in my dishwasher?” If you’ve ever wondered if this excellent laundry-cleaning device can also clean your dishwasher, you’re not alone.

Affresh washing machine cleaner is well known for eliminating odours, residue, and filth from washing machines. Can it, however, do the same for your reliable dishwasher? Join us as we investigate this issue and give you the final word so you can make decisions that will keep your appliances gleaming and effective.

Define Affresh

Affresh is a cleaning tablet used to clean water-using home equipment like coffee makers, dishwashers, and washing machines. It is designed to gently dissolve in water and produce foam that breaks up and dislodges solid debris, including scale buildup.

Here is a quick list of Affresh’s benefits and drawbacks:


  • easy to use
  • Measured ahead of time for convenience
  • cleans the dishracks and the entire tub
  • cleans grit from confined spaces inside dishwashers
  • does not require manual scrubbing
  • Only one pill is needed each month
  • Suitable for dishwasher-safe utensils


  • More expensive than homemade cleaning supplies
  • fails to clean the gasket
  • To altogether remove all scale accumulation, one can take many pills.

The Necessity Of Cleaning The Dishwasher

The problem is this Dishwasher cleanser is helpful but only partially necessary for optimal upkeep. Cleaning tabs only once every three to six months is sufficient. Some cleaning tabs can even be used as part of a routine wash.

Most dishwasher cleaners are explicitly made to remove grease and limescale, but they won’t break down food leftovers. Sadly, it still requires manual labour. Therefore, if you practice thorough and frequent maintenance, you won’t need specialised cleaners to assist you.

However, if you’re like most of us and life interferes with even the best-laid plans to perform a deep cleaning once a month, it’s a good idea to enlist the aid of a commercially available product.

But remember that even the best dishwasher cleansers can’t eliminate substantial food waste. Therefore, place any large pieces in the trash before starting the dishwasher. Additionally, this should lessen any odour emanating from your dishwasher.

A Guide To Dishwasher Cleaners

There are various do-it-yourself tricks for cleaning a dishwasher, like running an empty dishwasher cycle with baking soda sprinkled in the bottom and leaving a bowl of vinegar on the top rack.

Fortunately, you may use a few techniques to clean your dishwasher’s interior swiftly. You can handle business quickly and one dishwasher cycle with Affresh cleaner tablets. Even washing a load of dishes simultaneously is possible. This is how:

Prepare Your Dishwasher

You can run an empty dishwasher for cleaning or load it as usual. Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets are fantastic since you don’t need to empty your dishwasher beforehand. You can leave your dirty dishes where they are because the chemicals won’t harm dishwasher-safe items. However, you are welcome to empty both dishracks if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

When using Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner, it is advised that you empty the dishwasher because dirty dishes could obstruct your path. But the choice is entirely yours.

 Add Affresh Dishwashing Cleaner

If your dishwasher is running with a whole load of dishes and your detergent is in the dispenser, place an Affresh dishwasher cleanser tablet at the bottom of the appliance. Put the Affresh tablet in the detergent dispenser if using an empty dishwasher. Put one Affresh tablet in the detergent dispenser and another on the bottom of the dishwasher if it has a lot of buildups, and run the dishwasher without any dishes.

Execute A Standard Wash Cycle

It’s time to start a typical wash cycle after you’ve finished prepping your dishwasher and adding an Affresh tablet to the appliance. You can program your dishwasher to begin a standard wash cycle without other programs.

Take It Easy

Grab a drink of your choice and carry on with your day as Affresh removes limescale and mineral buildup from your dishes and glassware.

How Frequently Should Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner Be Used?

laundry washing machine wash self service

For the best results, you only need to use one Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner tablet once a month. However, how frequently you apply Affresh will depend on how often you run your dishwasher and how soon the stench develops.

By cleaning the filter assembly, getting rid of burned plastic, and removing the most significant pieces of debris from your dishes before placing them into the dishwasher, you may stop odours from accumulating inside your dishwasher.

Additionally, adding dishwasher salt to your machine will slow the rate at which scale accumulates. It will remove the chalky substance that leaves specks all over your lovely drinkware by removing calcium and magnesium ions.

If you’re careful, you can avoid using more than one Affresh tablet every six months by following these tips and regularly maintaining your dishwasher.

Dishwasher Pods Alternatives

Several solutions can assist you if you want to reduce the number of dishwasher pods you use or want to clean your dishwasher without using a specialised cleaner. Here are a few concepts:

White Vinegar: Run your dishwasher as usual after placing the vinegar bowl on the top rack. All of your glasses will receive an even distribution from the water jets.

Lemon Juice: Place a cup of lemon juice in your dishwasher’s top rack or basket and run it normally. Iron buildup and hard water stains can be eliminated by citric acid.

Baking soda: Add a cup of baking soda to the detergent container before starting your regular wash cycle.

Sodium Carbonate: Fill the detergent cup with sodium carbonate (washing soda), then complete the cycle as usual.

You Can Wash Your Dishes In A Washing Machine

No! You shouldn’t use a dishwashing cleaner in your washing machine. You simply cannot appreciate using a dishwasher cleaner in your washing, and the same is true for washing machines.  Not only can it harm the appliance, but it can also result in soap residues in the drum and several other connected problems.

In reality, the manufacturers of all appliances recommend certain cleaning products. Using the proper cleaning agent, whether for a dishwasher or washing machine, is crucial. This will guarantee your safety and prevent any subsequent damage to the equipment.


Can You Put It Affresh In The Dishwasher?

Use a new dishwasher cleanser regardless of the make or style of your dishwasher. As a bonus, afresh will simultaneously descale and brighten any darkened glasses or dishes caused by mineral buildup.

Is Dishwasher Cleaning Comparable To Washing Machine Cleaning?

In essence, dish soap is created to function at temperatures higher than those found in your washing machine. This implies that using dishwasher tablets is likely to leave a lot of residues behind, aggravating one of the two primary causes your washer becomes clogged in the first place.

What Can You Use To Clean A Dishwasher The Most Effectively?

It’s simpler than you would think to clean your dishwasher. Simply place a dishwasher-safe bowl filled with one cup of white vinegar on the top rack of a full dishwasher. Set the dishwasher’s hot water cycle to run next. The vinegar’s acidity aids in the disintegration of soap scum, residue, and filth.

What Kind Of Cleanser Is Safe To Use In A Dishwasher?

Dish soap, water, and white vinegar can create a simple DIY cleanser suitable for all dishwasher surfaces.

Is Vinegar A Better Option For Dishwashers Than Affresh?

Ciufo advises using a dishwasher cleaning, such as those made by Finish or Affresh, to get rid of the hard-water film, which will prolong the life of your dishwasher. Water stains can’t be removed with vinegar. According to Nyman, the acid can eat away at the rubber components of the appliance.


Therefore, despite any temptation to use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner in your dishwasher, it is imperative to stick to cleaning supplies made exclusively for dishwashers. Targeting the accumulation of filth, residue, and odours frequently seen in washing machines is the formulation of Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner.

Using it in the dishwasher may leave dangerous residues on your dishes or destroy delicate dishwashing components. To ensure maximum performance and longevity, following the manufacturer’s instructions and using a dishwasher cleaning specially made for that user is best. Always use the proper tool for the job to get the most outstanding results and long-term appliance protection.

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