Top 5 Best Dehumidifier for Laundry Room Reviewed

Best Dehumidifier for Laundry Room
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A laundry room can be a hotbed for excess humidity, leading to mould, mildew, and musty odours. A top-notch dehumidifier can be a game-changer in maintaining a healthy and comfortable laundry environment while protecting your appliances and clothing.

In this guide, we’ll navigate the world of dehumidifiers, helping you choose the ideal one that suits your laundry room’s size, humidity levels, and specific needs.

Say goodbye to dampness and hello to fresh, dry laundry spaces as we explore the best options available by finding the Best Dehumidifier for Laundry Room. Let’s embark on this journey to create a laundry room that preserves your garments and enhances home comfort.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: LUBAIR 4500 Sq.ft 50 Pint Dehumidifiers for Basements and Home, Large Room Basements with Automatic Drain or Manual Drainage, Intelligent Humidity Control, Laundry Dry, Auto Defrost, 24H Timer, Child Lock for Office, Living Room.
  • Best Runnerup: Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet (225 sq ft) Portable Compact 17 oz Capacity Mini Quiet Dehumidifier for Bedroom, Bathroom, RV, Laundry Room or Closet
  • Best For Portability: MORFY Dehumidifiers for Room, Upgraded version 85 OZ Dehumidifiers, 6500 Cubic Feet(680sq ft) Small Dehumidifiers for Room with Drain Hose and Auto Shut Off, Portable Quiet Dehumidifier for Bedroom Bathroom RV Laundry Room or Closet
  • Best Style: ToLife Dehumidifiers for Home 30 OZ Water Tank with Auto-Off, Portable Small Dehumidifier for Room, Bathroom,Bedroom, RV, Closet 500 sq. ft,7 Colors LED Light
  • Best For Side Bed: Gocheer Upgrated Dehumidifier for Basement Home, Small Portable Dehumidifiers for Room Home with Drain Hose, 68oz (2000ML) 8000 Cubic Feet 800 Sq.ft, Quiet Dehumidifiers for Bathroom RV Bedroom Closet Kitchen

Best Overall: LUBAIR 4500 Sq.ft 50 Pint Dehumidifiers for Basements and Home

Overall Rating 4.9/5, Setup 4.8/5, Design 4.8/5, Portability 4.7/5, Durability 4.6/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Suitable For Larger Spaces May Be Bulky And Heavy For Some Users.
High Moisture Removal Capacity Overkill For Smaller Rooms, Leading To Higher Energy Consumption.
Intelligent Humidity Control.Potentially Higher Initial Cost Due To Its Larger Capacity.
Offers Automatic And Manual Drainage Options.Not As Space-Efficient As Smaller Dehumidifiers.
Additional Features Like Laundry Dry, Auto Defrost, Timer, And Child Lock.
Versatile, Suitable For Basements, Large Rooms, Offices, And Living Rooms.

Product Description

Dehumidifiers have four universal wheels and a top handle, making it easy to move them to different parts of the room. 24-hour timer: used to operate on a schedule and save energy. 

One tap to switch DEHU/DRY/CONT will properly fulfil your needs. DEHU mode to precisely maintain the wine cellar’s optimum humidity level. Use the DRY mode to swiftly dry, fragile items that must be hung to dry. For rooms that are continually moist, the CONT mode is ideal.

The dehumidifier will automatically stop operating, the “Full” indication will light up, and an alarm will sound for 10 seconds to remind you to empty the water tank when the 0.66 gal water tank is full. Automatic Drainage: You can continuously drain the collected water without emptying the bucket by using the 6.56-foot/2-meter drainage hose that is included.

Brand: LUBAIR | Floor Area: 4500 Square Feet | Color: White | Capacity: 50 Pints | Tank Volume: 0.66 Gallons | Dimensions: 7.8″D x 11.8″W x 19.3″H | Number Of Speed: 3 | Weight: 32.6 pounds | Air Flow Capacity: 76.5 Nanoliters per Minute | Upper-Temperature Rating: 104 Degrees Fahrenheit

Best Runnerup: Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers for Home

Overall Rating 4.8/5, Setup 4.7/5, Design 4.7/5, Portability 4.8/5, Durability 4.7/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Compact And Portable Design.Limited Capacity Suitable For Smaller Spaces.
Quiet Operation For Minimal Disruption.Not Suitable For High Humidity Or Large Areas.
Ideal For Bedrooms, Bathrooms, RVs, Laundry Rooms, And Closets.

Product Description

It is perfect for bedrooms, baths, closets, and other small rooms since it is a lightweight, portable option for decreasing excess humidity in tiny spaces up to 2200 cubic feet or 225 square feet. This dehumidifier effectively removes moisture from the air using a 17-ounce water tank, preventing musty odours in your home.

It is the ideal choice for use in bedrooms or offices because it has Peltier technology that runs silently, ensuring that it won’t disrupt your sleep or daily activities.

Brand: POHL SCHMITT | Floor Area: 225 Square Feet | Color: White | Capacity: 1.1 Pounds | Dimensions: 5.1″D x 6.1″W x 8.7″H | Weight: 2.5 Pounds | Air Flow Capacity: 1.1 Pounds

Best For Portability: MORFY Dehumidifiers for Room

Overall Rating 4.7/5, Setup 4.6/5, Design 4.6/5, Portability 4.7/5, Durability 4.8/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Upgraded Version With An 85-Ounce Capacity.May Not Be Suitable For Larger Rooms Or Extensive Moisture Issues.
Effective For Spaces Up To 6500 Cubic Feet (680 Sq Ft).Limited To Use In Smaller Areas Like Bedrooms, Bathrooms, And Closets.
Features Auto Shut-Off For Convenience And Safety.
Portable And Quiet Operation, Suitable For Various Rooms.

Product Description

Built For Home Nobody is surprised that most dehumidifiers are bulky eyesores. We created it with the needs of the contemporary consumer, giving it a sleek, clean appearance, useful built-in handles, and a small enough footprint to fit in any corner. In conclusion, our dehumidifier is functional, stylish, and of premium quality.

Additionally, our compact dehumidifier has an automated defrost feature that may efficiently avoid freezing and increase the dehumidifier’s lifespan. Our innovative condenser defrosting method, which can remove frost quickly, ensures the dehumidifier runs constantly and effectively.

Brand: MORFY | Floor Area: 700 Square Feet | Color: Dark Grey | Capacity: 5.9 Pounds | Tank Volume: 85 Fluid Ounces | Dimensions: 4.13″D x 9.12″ W x 12.11″H | Weight: 5.1 pounds | Air Flow Capacity: 5.9 Cubic Feet Per Minute | Upper Temperature Rating: 40 Degrees Fahrenheit

Best Style: ToLife Dehumidifiers for Home 30 OZ Water Tank with Auto-Off

Overall Rating 4.6/5, Setup 4.7/5, Design 4.7/5, Portability 4.7/5, Durability 4.8/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Portable And Compact Design.Limited Water Tank Capacity (30 Oz).
Suitable For Small Spaces Up To 500 Sq. Ft.May Require More Frequent Emptying Of The Water Tank.
Features Auto-Off Function For Safety.Limited Moisture Removal Capacity.
Offers 7 Colors Of Led Light For Ambiance.
Versatile Use In Rooms, Bathrooms, RVs, And Closets.

Product Description

Our adaptable dehumidifier, which has 7 lights that change constantly to create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere, is a practical and efficient answer to your home’s humidity issues. Its small size allows it to be positioned in almost any place.

Only two operating buttons, one for turning on/off and the other for switching the light, are on this home dehumidifier. With our incredibly silent dehumidifier, you may sleep well every night. Goodbye to the noisy, irritating machines that keep you from sleeping. We maintain your air comfortable and fresh with the help of our dehumidifier so you can sleep peacefully and awaken feeling refreshed.

Brand: ToLife | Floor Area: 500 Square Feet | Color: White | Capacity: 800 Milliliters | Dimensions: 6.14″D x 6.14″W x 9.37″H | Weight: 2.93 Pounds | Air Flow Capacity: 3 ml/min | Upper Temperature Rating: 104 Degrees Fahrenheit

Best For Side Bed: Gocheer Upgrated Dehumidifier for Basement Home

Overall Rating 4.8/5, Setup 4.6/5, Design 4.8/5, Portability 4.6/5, Durability 4.7/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Portable and compact design.Limited coverage area (800 sq. ft).
Quiet operation, suitable for bedrooms.Smaller moisture removal capacity.
Includes a drain hose for continuous drainage.
68oz (2000ml) water tank capacity.
Ideal for smaller spaces and closets.

Product Description

Water storage tanks won’t overflow, so don’t be concerned. This provides security and comfort, especially while you are away from home. When running for 24 hours, this electric dehumidifier uses just 1.1kW of electricity and just 48W/hour of power, making it extremely efficient and energy-saving. Additionally, it has a safer internal power supply. With Gocheer dehumidifiers, you may shop without stress.

This dehumidifier is portable due to its tiny size and built-in handle. It is appropriate for various spaces, including workplaces, living rooms, kitchens, baths, and cloakrooms. The portability of a portable dehumidifier lets you easily manage humidity wherever it’s needed.

Brand: Gocheer | Floor Area: 800 Square Feet | Color: Grey Dehumidifiers for Home | Capacity: 2000 Milliliters | Dimensions: 0.04″D x 12″W x 0.39″H | Weight: 5 Pounds | Air Flow Capacity: 2000 Milliliters | Upper-Temperature Rating:  40 Degrees Celsius

Compare The Table

A compare table to make the right choice-

Best Overall: LUBAIR 4500 Sq.ft 50 Pint Dehumidifiers for Basements and HomeBest Runnerup: Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers for HomeBest For Portability: MORFY Dehumidifiers for Room, Upgraded version 85 OZ DehumidifiersBest Style: ToLife Dehumidifiers for Home 30 OZ Water Tank with Auto-OffBest For Side Bed: Gocheer Upgrated Dehumidifier for Basement Home
Overall Rating4.9/54.8/54.7/54.6/54.8/5

Final Verdict

Choosing between the LUBAIR 4500 Sq.ft 50 Pint Dehumidifier and the Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier depend on your specific needs and the size of the space you intend to use it in. Let’s compare these two options:

LUBAIR 4500 Sq.ft 50 Pint Dehumidifier Suitable for larger areas, covering up to 4500 square feet. Offers a 50-pint moisture removal capacity, making it effective for high humidity levels. Features intelligent humidity control, allowing you to set and maintain your desired humidity level. Offers both automatic drainage and manual drainage options for flexibility. Suitable for use in basements, large rooms, offices, and living rooms. Larger and heavier compared to smaller dehumidifiers.

Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier for Basement Home is a portable and compact design, suitable for smaller spaces up to 800 square feet. Quiet operation suits bedrooms, bathrooms, RVs, and closets. Features a 68-ounce (2000ml) water tank capacity. Limited coverage compared to the LUBAIR model may need to be more suitable for larger rooms or basements. Smaller moisture removal capacity may need to be increased for extremely high humidity levels or larger spaces.

In conclusion, the LUBAIR 4500 Sq.ft 50-pint dehumidifier is superior if you have a larger space, like a basement or a big room, because of its higher moisture removal capability and coverage area. On the other hand, the Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier for Basement Home offers a more portable and compact alternative if you’re working with a smaller area, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or closet.

Tests To Find The Best Dehumidifier For Laundry Room

To determine the Best Dehumidifier for the Laundry Room, we conducted a comprehensive testing process that involved several key steps and considerations. Here’s how we select our products:

Selection Of Dehumidifier Models: We began by identifying a range of dehumidifier models available on the market, focusing on those suitable for laundry rooms and high-humidity environments.

Research And Expert Consultation: We consulted experts in indoor air quality and humidity control to understand the key factors and features to consider in a dehumidifier for a laundry room.

Dehumidifier Size And Capacity: We considered the size and capacity of each dehumidifier, ensuring that it was appropriate for the size of a typical laundry room. This involved evaluating pint capacity and coverage area.

Humidity Control And Monitoring: We assessed the dehumidifiers’ ability to effectively control and maintain optimal humidity levels in a laundry room. Features like adjustable settings, humidity sensors, and digital displays were considered.

Noise Level: We measured and compared the noise levels generated by each dehumidifier model to ensure that it operates at an acceptable noise level for a laundry room environment.

Energy Efficiency: We evaluated the energy efficiency of the dehumidifiers to determine their impact on electricity consumption. Energy Star certification and power-saving modes were considered.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance: We assessed each dehumidifier’s ease of setup, operation, and maintenance. User-friendly controls, filter replacement, and drainage options were evaluated.

Water Extraction Rate: We measured and compared the water extraction rate of each dehumidifier, ensuring it was capable of efficiently removing moisture from the air in a laundry room.

Durability And Build Quality: We examined each dehumidifier’s build quality and durability to ensure it could withstand continuous operation in a laundry room environment.

Safety Features: We checked for safety features such as automatic shutoff when the water tank is full and overheating protection to prevent accidents.

Our testing process aimed to provide consumers with a well-rounded assessment of dehumidifiers suitable for laundry rooms, helping them make informed decisions to create a comfortable and moisture-free laundry environment.

Things You Should Notice Before Buying One

When selecting the Best Dehumidifier for a Laundry Room, you must consider several factors your needs and the environment. Here are the points to consider:

Dehumidifier Type: Choose between a compressor (refrigerant) or desiccant dehumidifier based on your requirements. Compressor dehumidifiers are more common and suitable for typical laundry room conditions.

Dehumidifier Size And Capacity: Determine the size of your laundry room and select a dehumidifier with an appropriate pint capacity. A larger room may require a higher capacity unit for effective moisture removal.

Humidity Control And Monitoring: Look for dehumidifiers with adjustable settings and humidity sensors. This enables you to set and maintain the desired humidity level in your laundry room.

Noise Level: Consider the noise level, especially if your laundry room is close to living spaces. Choose a unit that operates quietly.

Energy Efficiency: Check for Energy Star certification or energy-saving features to minimize electricity consumption and operating costs.

Drainage Options: Determine whether you prefer a dehumidifier with a built-in water tank or one that offers continuous drainage options for hassle-free operation.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance: Evaluate the user-friendliness of the dehumidifier, including setup, filter replacement, and maintenance procedures.

Water Extraction Rate: Ensure the dehumidifier has a sufficient water extraction rate to remove moisture from the air in your laundry room effectively.

Durability And Build Quality: Choose a dehumidifier with durable construction to withstand continuous operation. Check for quality materials and build.

Portability: Consider the dehumidifier’s weight and portability, especially if you intend to transfer it between rooms.

Warranty: Review the manufacturer’s provided warranty. Greater assurance regarding product durability may be offered by a longer warranty period.

Environmental Impact: Consider the dehumidifier’s environmental impact, considering its energy efficiency and eco-friendly features.

You can select the best dehumidifier for your laundry room, ensuring a comfortable and moisture-free environment for your clothes and appliances.


Q: Should A Dehumidifier Be Placed In The Laundry Room?

A: Keep your appliances from moisture, dirt, and grime accumulation. Dehumidifiers should be used in laundry rooms. The air’s moisture content can be managed using this gadget. Maintain a humid climate between 30 and 50 per cent for a mold-free space.

Q: Can Any Dehumidifier Be Used For Laundry?

A: Although they are typically bought to lessen condensation, they can function as a method of drying clothes because they may lower moisture levels in a space and warm, dry air. A dehumidifier with a “laundry mode” or “clothes drying mode” is what you should seek out.

Q: Will A Dehumidifier Prevent The Scent Of My Clothes?

A: Most musty odours result from the air being a little too damp. This has a similar odour-producing effect over time as placing your clothes in a puddle. The good news is that a strong dehumidifier will soke all the extra moisture in the air, preventing musty odour.

Q: Do Dehumidifiers Also Dry Clothes?

A: Yes, dehumidifiers to dry your garments would be best. Even though they can’t equal a tumble dryer’s speed, laundry dryer dehumidifiers can provide your clothing with the same results while being more economical and offering additional advantages for the standard and condition of your home.

Q: How Quickly Can A Dehumidifier Dry Your Clothing?

A: Dying items entirely can take a dehumidifier four to five hours. A tumble dryer can dry clothes in under an hour, so this is longer. There is a catch, though. Despite being speedier, tumble dryers use a lot of energy.

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